Saquon is a bad joke

I cannot believe Saquon Barkley is still considered an “elite” RB, even besting Derrick Henry in PPR ECR ratings. They are looking at Barkley’s stats from 2018. The last 2 seasons, Henry has owned him, even in PPR. Quit living in the past!

First, Barkley cannot stay healthy.

Second, even Barkley’s receptions from 2 years ago can’t match Henry’s rushing production.

For TD’s, Henry is a consistent beast. Did I mention Barkley plays for the Giants? Not exactly a lot of TD opportunities in the Meadowlands.

So why are the experts in love with Barkley? You got me on that one. Let them draft him.

To be honest, there are RB’s in the 4th and 5th tier that I would rather take a chance on than Barkley. Antonio Gibson and Najee Harris come to mind.

The tread on Barkley tires are starting to wear a little bit. I still think he can finish as a RB1 but I agree with you, I will be passing on him in redraft leagues.

I drafted Barkley 1.01 in 2018 in a 14 team dynasty superflex league and recently traded him for the 1.02 and the 1.07. I proceeded to trade the 1.07 for Tyreek Hill straight up (got em’) and I will draft Najee Harris at 1.02 as Saquon replacement. Make money moves out here Ladies and Gentlemen!

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Here’s a good review of Saquon’s chances:

Takeaway? I think he needs to be downgraded out of the first round of picks (both RB and overall), and possibly lower. If the Giants try to rush him back, we could see a repeat of last year.