Keeper Help, must choose 2!

Have to choose 2 from the list below. Scoring is PPR and TD’s are 6 pt for 0-9yds, 9pt for 10-49 and 12 for 50+ for all positions with 1 pt per 10 rushing and receiving and 1 per 20 yds passing with out of positions touchdowns double (ex. RB catches a TD from 6 yds out its worth 12pts). 10 team league and I draft #5

Najee Harris
Leonard Fournette
Mike Evans
Saquon Barkley

You don’t have to give up picks for any player?

Definitely Najee.

Definitely not Saquon.

That leaves the question: Evans or Fournette? I am higher on Fournette than most. RB#4 in my rankings, with a total 16 TD (11 rushing, 5 passing) - IF he plays all 17 games.

Evans could be the safer bet, though. With Gronk out of the picture (maybe) and Godwin unlikely to be at 100% for the start of the season, Evans could be a target hog early in the season. WR#2 in my ranking, also quite a bit above his ADP. 14 TDs, and that may be conservative, as he could see more red zone targets than Russell Gage.

Evans looks like the safer bet. But with Fournette and Najee, you may have 2 of the top 5 RBs on your roster. Either way, you can’t go wrong here.

Thanks for the advice, no I don’t have to give up any picks. I’ve had Saquon since he was a rookie so it’s hard to let go but I also think it’s time! I think he has the most upside but he’s in a horrible situation in NY and I could get him back in the draft anyway.

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Harris beyond any shadow of doubt. Then things get tuffer. Barkley has been a bust for a couple of years but, I see TB with an ancient QB as very fragile.

Barkley is also playing for a contract. He would be my second choice.

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I was high on Barkley myself. The talent is there, the injury should finally be behind him, he had a healthy offseason and can finally enjoy a full season preparation.

Then I did my projections. Gave him 65% of the rushing volume and 15% of the passing volume, and all 17 games.

He came out as RB#18. I couldn’t believe it myself.

In 2021, the Giants passed for less than 3,200 yards and rushed for less than 1,700. I do expect them to improve. But do we really see them passing for 4,000+ yards, and rush for 2,000+? Because that’s what they’d need to elevate Saquon into RB1 territory, even with the optimistic volume share I gave him. He’d be RB#11 then.

The stars would have to align for Saquon to have an RB1 season. Greater miracles have happened in the NFL, so I wouldn’t completely rule it out. But would I bet on it?

The ancient QB won the title in 2020. And played his strongest fantasy season in 2021, finishing as the undisputed QB#1, despite having no rushing upside whatsoever.

I am done with betting on Brady showing signs of age regression. Why should he regress at age 45, when he was capable of bringing his absolute A game at age 44?

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Harris and Fournette.

I would wager Barkley vs Fournette.