Rookie QB Ranks in Dynasty draft

We have Stroud at 6, Young at 7 and Richardson at 10 before landings. I agree with Stroud the best QB but Richardson is a Manster who may run wild.

Thoughts before the draft?

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Beware of QB’s who possess all the physical tools, but none of the mental ones. Malik Willis and Jamarcus Russell come to mind. Willis may still succeed, but it could take him years.

I hear all the talk about Richardson, and it sounds a lot like Willis from last year. I’m not saying Richardson won’t succeed, just saying to temper your expectations.


Anthony Richardson](NFL Draft Big Board | PFF)









6’ 4"





Well, it’s official: Richardson is the single most impressive athlete at the quarterback position in scouting combine history. He was erratic in the throwing drills, but we knew that would be the case. Once he gets to the NFL, he’ll immediately be a Tier 1 rushing threat at the position.

Could be a bigger version of Fields or a VG RB. JK

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I never doubted his athleticism. It’s his head for the game that’s in question. Fields was a good QB before he got to the NFL.

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I don’t see any of the three drafted in out league before late first. I could see adding one as my backup but would prefer if it is off undrafted waivers.

What’s projected for dynasty 1 QB leagues?

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South Beach is as close as I get to a 1 QB dynasty league. I’m in SF leagues.

You know I really dislike the 2 QB leagues but I promise to change my view as soon as the NFL starts playing games with two footballs. :slight_smile:

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Actually, they usually keep multiple footballs at every game, even swapping them out!

Seriously though, they also play with 32 teams. Are you ready to do a league that size?

They also keep multiple QBs but they don’t play them other than one.

Not 32 but I am talking about possibly a 20 team Super League in a year or 2.

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A 20 team league with fair sized rosters, thereby making QB’s a little more valuable, could work.

It would actually be two 10 team divisions with some inter divisional play and playoffs. Still playing with formats.

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You’re still looking at a starting QB and a backup on most rosters, so around 40 QB’s rostered. That won’t leave much good on the waiver wire.

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Different divisions can have the same players. It would be more like two leagues under the same roof.

Sorry for nitpicking (I’m German, I have to stay in character :sweat_smile: ), but that’s a 10-team multi-league tournament then, not a 20 team league. :see_no_evil:

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You are not sorry in the least you enjoy it, another reason I hate you.

Perhaps this is so in the German language but not in English. e.g.
I am helping 5 commissioners transition to this keeper hybrid. One joins us with each playing the other 9 teams and the other games inter-division, changing every other year, The playoffs can be inter divisional or separate with the two winners facing off in the Super Bowl.

That is not tournament,

Different divisions with the same players? That sounds…bad.