2022 Tiered QB Rankings

I updated my team projections, which caused quite a few shifts in my player rankings as well.

Here are my current QB rankings with tiers:

Tier 1:
1 Josh Allen
2 Justin Herbert
3 Tom Brady

This is a very close tier, all 3 are within just a few points of each other. After that comes a larger gap.

Tier 2:
4 Dak Prescott
5 Patrick Mahomes
6 Lamar Jackson

Tier 3:
7 Kyler Murray
8 Jalen Hurts
9 Aaron Rodgers
10 Joe Burrow

For Hurts to get ranked higher, he’d have to take major steps forward in his passing game. I’ll believe that when I see it.

Tier 4:
11 Matthew Stafford
12 Trey Lance
13 Derek Carr
14 Jameis Winston
15 Kirk Cousins
16 Tua Tagovailoa
17 Russell Wilson

I’m lower than most on Russell as I don’t think he will do a lot on the ground in Denver. If he can command a passing volume that would elevate him into a higher tier remains to be seen. I may be too low on him, though.

Tier 5:
18 Mitch Trubisky (assuming he plays all 17 games)
19 Matt Ryan
20 Mac Jones
21 Trevor Lawrence
22 Daniel Jones

Trubisky can do quite a bit of work with his legs, so if he can keep the starter job and plays a halfway decent season, he can be a mid-range fantasy QB2. Two big "if"s, though.

Tier 6:
23 Zach Wilson
24 Ryan Tannehill
25 Marcus Mariota (assuming 17 games)
26 Carson Wentz

Tier 7:
27 Davis Mills
28 Justin Fields
29 Jared Goff
30 Drew Lock (17 games)
31 Baker Mayfield
32 Jacoby Brissett

Things are getting pretty close here again, so an extra TD and a few more yards can easily elevate a player to a higher tier. The job security gets shaky in the lower tiers, though, at least for some QBs.

I’m assuming this is redraft, since Brady wouldn’t be QB3 in a dynasty?

That is correct. Even though I’m beginning to wonder if Brady will indeed play until he’s 50. In that case, he’d be worth a thought in dynasty as well. :sweat_smile:

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