Justin Fields - Dynasty Overrated?

Justin Fields is the #5 QB in FP’s Dynasty Trade Value Chart. I’v seen him at #4 on other sites.

Isn’t that overrated?

Yes, his rushing upside is second to none. But his passing in 2022 was still atrocious. The Bears ranked dead last in all relevant passing categories, setting 5-year league-wide lows in several of them.

I don’t want to make the same mistake with Fields as I did with Jalen Hurts, whom I wrote off too early. Maybe Fields (and the Bears in general) will get better with an improved receiving corps. But so far, all we know for sure about Fields are his rushing abilities.

And rushing QBs are injury prone and usually won’t last long.

That’s why I wonder if #4 or #5 may not be a bit too high for Fields, at least in dynasty.


Overrated for sure but for now. I think we get a much better take on him after seeing him this year with DJ Moore along with his development.

Does this mean you will not be keeping Fields in our league?

As with most of my team, I’m still undecided on that. Josh Allen certainly is the better fantasy QB. But Fields is so dirt cheap to keep.

Maybe I’ll keep both of them. Maybe none of the two. And if one of them, I have no clue whom.

Can you be a little more vague? :slight_smile:

Would you like my help or I can even do it for you. What are friends for?

The last time the Bears had a QB who knew how to throw a football was Jim McMahon. Let’s face it: Chicago is not a place for a passing game.