Rookie Landing Spot HELL

Bijan is as good as I have seen coming into the league and is getting 10- 11 carries split with Algeier who averages 3.3 vs over 5 YPR.

This coach has ruined 1st rounders Pitts, London and now Robinson. Why the hell is he still working?

Same is true for Gibbs in Detroit where he will go back to a split with Montgomery as per all reports.

Addison landed well in Minny and has star potential even with JJ.

Flowers did the same and is the #1 WR in Balt.

Who else?

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Jamey from CBS Fantasy said that one good thing for Falcon fans losing to a third QB just brought in is that it makes the coach’s closer to leaving. MANY are up in arms.

In Detroit’s defense, Montgomery has played better than Gibbs. Chicago never should have let him go.

In addition, rookie TE Sam LaPorta is thriving there.

As for places where rookies thrive, how about Houston? CJ Stroud and Tank Dell, to name two.

Another landing spot hell for any player, rookies included, was the Raiders under Josh McDummie. Josh would rather play Jimmy “Never Had It” Garoppolo and Bobby “Mugshot Photo” Hoyer over rookie Aiden O’Connell, who actually showed us how good he could be last Sunday, after McDummie was gone.

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Gibbs did not play much until the injury and was great. CBS had a greaT line on Gibbs saying “you can’t put it back in the box” meaning fans saw what he can do and no more excuses for not playing him.

Agree on Houston and Vegas.

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