Landing Spot- Gibbs

Detroit was a surprise but a very good spot for Gibbs. They have a top run block OL and a RB to rake some of the load. He is a faster, healthy Swift and should be a top scoring RB in fantasy.

I traded Swift before the draft, maybe good or bad. :slight_smile:

You just got your answer: It was good. Swift won’t see time behind Gibbs.

Swift is gone. Dolphin fans are already looking to trade for him.

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There are several teams that could use him. Swift would make an interesting complement to Rhamondre in New England, or Dameon Pierce in Houston. With Joe Mixon on the bubble in Cincy, I could see them going for Swift.

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I still don’t know how to read this.

Gibbs to Detroit was no surprise to me. The way they traded up to get him was. It’s certainly a great landing spot. But they not only have Swift but also Montgomery.

I have no doubts that Gibbs will become a great NFL RB. But will he also become a great fantasy RB?


I’m very happy with the landing. Swift will be gone and Montgomery will end up with the short yardage and some snaps to keep him healthy. It could take up to four games to happen but he is the feature back.

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As much as we hail Bijan as the definitive fantasy 1.01, Gibbs might be a sneaky good pick for 1.02. The one thing Bijan lacks is great open field speed. Bijan is always being run down by somebody in the secondary, whom he then proceeds to juke out of his jock. Not Gibbs. Once Gibbs can see daylight, he’s gone. Where Bijan runs like a “Z”, Gibbs runs more like a “(”, with much more insane north-south speed. For comps, I would comp Bijan to Barry Sanders and Gibbs to Walter Payton. Mind you, neither of these rookies are quite as good as those two, but their styles and plusses are similar.

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The Swift stampede has already started:

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I’ve seen reports that Philly and KC are both interested. May have traded too soon.

Gibbs value has jumped 10 points in dynasty trade.

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Don’t be so quick to think Swift in KC is a great idea. Pacheco is the only one who’s seen even moderate success in KC’s offense. Reid just doesn’t like to run that much.

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McKinney as the receiving back with half the talent scored a bunch.

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They were serviceable. Top 10? No.

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My only point is that Swift to another team will raise his value most likely. I’m still very good with the moves I’ve made. I just always look back on done deals to see if there is anything I did wrong and learn from it.

I’m not sure about that. While I do expect Swift to be traded, they still have Montgomery. Gibbs could see reduced action around the goal line as a result.

The Lions rank in midfield in terms of team rushing performance. The only plus for Gibbs is that they do not have a rushing QB who will eat into his production.

Will the Lions be strong in 2023? Yes.
Will Gibbs excel at the role they have him down for? Absolutely.

Will all that result in impressive fantasy stat lines? I’m not so sure about that.

Don’t get me wrong, I won’t rank Gibbs down after the draft (unless the Lions keep Swift). But why would I push him up? The Falcons, Eagles, Saints or Titans would have been better landing spots from a pure fantasy POV.

The Lions are exactly where I had him projected. So his value will stay the same. Clear #2 RB of the 2023 class, still an intriguing target, but not one I’d sell my entire team for.

He’s last year’s Ken Walker.

From our front page, just the messenger.

Yeah, but that list is from April 1st, and Gibbs was valued way too low before.

He might get another small bump once Swift has been traded. But at this point, I still see him a low-end RB1.

Yeah but they e mailed me saying it was updated. I really don’t care. I will be very happy with Robinson and Gibbs.

The 2nd pick is in question as I have to wait for Ed and you. Who are you liking?

Nope. I added the current values to my magic Excel spreadsheets right on April 1st, and they haven’t changed since.

That’s one helluva RB room. Again, don’t get me wrong, I won’t rank Gibbs down. I’m only saying that his draft selection hasn’t changed his value in my book.

I wouldn’t mind getting Gibbs, but I don’t see him as a 1st round player in our format.

Just hearing that the Lions traded Swift to the Eagles.

NOT Gibbs but your pick after him?