Bijan Robinson: The review

Looking at Bijan Robinson tape now, and he is impressive. But have you ever watched something and thought it was too impressive? Maybe it’s the cynic in me, but I watch his best runs with a “but”. I won’t deny he’s upper echelon, but the Saquon Barkley comparisons don’t mesh for me.

Bijan is bigger than Saquon, but runs with a similar wiggle. That’s where it ends.

Would I take him with the first pick in a rookie draft? Yes. But I will say there’s enough there to cause me concern.

He is as good as it gets as a sure thing in a NFL draft. In my view, he is landing spot proof and debate proof.

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I won’t go so far as “landing spot proof”. Hypothetical: The Jets take him. Ok, so who gets the carries, Bijan or Breece? Both? Michael Carter? It becomes too much of a guessing game.

He can g to Indy, Seattle or Jax as well but a reality check says differently.

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Indy? So who gets the carries, Bijan or Jonathan Taylor? Seattle, Bijan or Kenny Walker? Jacksonville, Bijan or ETN?

Exactly, never happen nor will the Jets.

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Nobody saw the Jets taking Breece Hall last year either.