Dynasty Rookie Dream Landing Spots

VG read from our front page on best fit landings. Any other opinions?

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Not sure how much of a dream destination Cincinnati is for Bijan. If you want him to start week 1, how good of a pass blocker is he? Most rookies struggle with pass blocking at first. Getting Joe Burrow mauled the first week isn’t a good look.

He is likely the only RB who is good in pass protect. CBS was just talking about this yesterday.

I still see Philly or Atlanta.

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I know Bijan is projected to be a good pass blocker, but I’ve heard that song and dance before with other RB’s, who ended up disappointing their first season.

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I watched him a bit after the CBS comment, NOT easy to find him blocking. That said he looks like he can be average to good. JMO

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Robinson to Philly

Gibbs to KC

Charbonnet to Atlanta

Njigba to Houston

Johnston to Minny

Flowers to the Chargers.

IF I hit these, lotto is no problem and will be buying the winning ticket immediately. lol

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THAT is my dream landing spot for Bijan! Just mail the next Lombardi Trophy to the Eagles.

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I have TEs Mayer and Kincaid going to Green Bay and Cinci with Dallas a possibility.

Also some rumblings in Miami on Gibbs IF he falls to #51.

I see Stroud going to Houston with Njigba, a great start for teammates.

Guys at CBS see The Slot Machine Njigba getting 120 targets next season no matter his landing.

He has become the run away top WR pick.

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I’m not that excited about WR’s in this class. Contrary to what Garrett Wilson thinks, Njigba isn’t as good coming out of college as Wilson was.

Completely agree, I would take Burks over any of them BUT, they are the BA and you and Zak have to pick one before I get my chance.



THAT is my dream landing spot for Bijan! Just mail the next Lombardi Trophy to the Eagles.

If it happens, I have to wonder how much scoring he takes from Hurts.

He has to take away some of his runs but will will bring 7-8 in the box to make passing easier.

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Does Bijan steal from Hurts, or just add to the scoring Philly already does? It’s a scary thought.

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