Rolling the Dice in Week 11 and Craps

My team had the worst week I can ever remember. We scored 56 and if I added my bench points I still would have lost to every team in my league. It was an embarrassment.

I traded 3 WRs for picks and started Mike Williams with Tony who re injured early and did nothing, same as all others aside from Herbert.

To add insult to injury the one I lost to was Ed. How will I ever live that down? lol

How did everyone else make out?

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5 leagues, 5 wins. A perfect week? Not entirely. I would have preferred to lose in my 1QB dynasty. I’m out of the playoff race, so any L will improve my draft position for next year. I’m still starting my best team, of course.

Other than that, the aftermath of the week will give many managers a headache.

Mike Williams re-injured.
Kadarius Toney injured.
Kyle Pitts is on IR.
Melvin Gordon was fired.

Justin Fields is injured, coach said he’s day to day, but there is also a chance his season is over.

And Zach Wilson gets a lot of grief after apparently showing a poor locker room performance after the L vs the Pats.

I am raising my hand on headaches. And after trades. Quite the season so far. lol

My overall standings:

SFLEX dynasty: 9-2 (important W vs the #2 seed)
1QB dynasty: 4-7
South Beach: 7-4 (important W vs a 7-3 team)
US-EU: 6-5
Tournament: 6-5

Overall 32-23. Not too bad, considering that I’m still putting the finishing touches on a full rebuild in the 1QB dynasty.

But we also reached the time of the season where some owners just give up. Both in the US-EU and the tournament league, my opponents did not bring a full lineup. Don’t like that at all. If you join a league, play it until the fantasy season is over. Quitting mid-season is selfish and can distort the playoff race.

If I were the commissioner of that league that manager would fix that or be replaced. There are too many now playing who just do so to join the crowd and really do not have serious interest.

I will be 9-2 in 2 leagues, first and tied but 2nd with points. One is a Dolphins forum league which is antiquated in standard scoring, no IR, or waiver budget, etc. Very different and fun because of it.

The other is the VERY vet league with top of the line managers who are brutal to deal with while great as I still learn from them each week.

Euro is proving I can come back from a draft disaster and should be 5-6.

I wanted to do my best in our league but went young to an extreme and it has cost me. No regrets, a learning experience and could miss the playoff or make a run.

I have enjoyed the complete disparity and has been fun so far.

3 wins, 2 losses, but at least the losses came in my two dynasty leagues where I wanted to lose. Basically, a perfect week.

You won’t. :grin:

If your team had just performed to the projection, you’d have beaten me by 2 points. But if wishes were ponies, we’d all ride…

Of course, thanks to my victory over you, and losses by Mack’s Matchless Team and the Krash Test Dummies, I am thrust into a tie for 1st place. Life is good.

In my other two leagues…

In my home league, I toasted one of the other division leaders in a potential playoff matchup, 138-82. This keeps me solidly in the hunt for a wild card berth, only one game behind my own division leader, who I meet for a second time in week 14. I lost to him in week 3, 139-123.

In my league, I rolled 143-107. Sadly, every other team around me also won, so I’m sitting at 5-6, with my 3rd win in a row, and only the top team in the league having a longer winning streak. For what it’s worth, I’d have beaten every team in the league this week.

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LOL Ed. Yeah, kinda figured our game will not be soon forgotten.

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