Request advice on upcoming dynasty Rookie Superflex draft

Last year was first year of dynasty. I did not draft well for QB since you can start 2.
League: Superflex (start two QBs), 2nd year of league, 12 teams, 3 round rookie draft,
I have pick 1.02, 2.02, 2.05, 3.02
Question: I currently have only Tannehill and Daniel Jones. Due to obvious QB needs, should I draft Pickett at 1.02 or select RB/WR and then select a QB in 2nd round. THANKS!

Indeed, QB is the most important position in SFLEX leagues, and many managers make the mistake of addressing the QB position too late in the startup draft. Don’t worry, the same happened to me in 2018. It can take a while to fix it, but it’s possible.

You will need 2-3 new QBs, as both Tannehill and Jones could be without a starting job in 2023. Or even in 2022, if things get ugly.

2022 may not be the best year to address the QB situation, though. I find this year’s draft class pretty underwhelming on the QB position. Pickett is the only candidate who’d justify a first round pick. But even he comes with a couple of question marks. In last year’s class, he’d probably not have been a top 5 QB.

If you want Pickett, you will have to use your 1.02. Personally, I would not recommend it, though. Assuming Breece Hall will be taken with the 1.01, I’d recommend to go after Ken Walker, Drake London or Treylon Burks.

You can then go after a QB in round 2. At least one of Malik Willis, Matt Corral or Desmond Ridder should still be there. Probably even all 3 of them, which would allow you to wait until the 2.05.

Which of the 3 you chose is all up to you. All 3 have a chance of seeing the field at some point in 2022, though none of them is guaranteed to. I see Willis as the most intriguing prospect, but there is every chance he’ll be a complete bust. He’d make a ton of sense for you, though, as you’d then have the Titans’ starting QB, no matter which way the pendulum swings.

Sam Howell is another candidate for you, in case he’s still there at 3.02. Don’t take him any earlier, though.

All these QBs are dart throws, though. Personally, I wouldn’t blame you if you picked other players. The 2023 class will feature several very interesting QB prospects, so it could be a much better year for a QB rebuild.

So if you have a chance of getting an additional 2023 first round pick at some point during the season, go for it.

Good luck!

Thanks for the excellent advice. Have been playing standard/ppr fantasy for years and have done well, however dynasty was an eye opener. My desire was to select Walker and then come back with WR/QB and then again go after QB next year. I think Walker will do well in Seattle, especially after year one when he will be the RB1. I agree on the QB situation and then the possibility of taking Willis to cover Tannehill and then address next year in a much stronger QB class. Sigh, decisions.
I did go into the dynasty chat and put my current roster. I traded CMC to accumulate Draft picks. I have two 1st round picks both in 2023 and 2024.
Thanks again!

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Same here! I thought I knew a thing or two about fantasy football. And then I started playing dynasty. The mistakes I made in my first startup draft… :scream:

But turnarounds can be fun, and it sounds like you are on the right track. Selling CMC for several firsts was an excellent move. The draft picks will help your team more than even a healthy CMC would. And as soon as he picks up another injury, his dynasty value will plummet.

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