How to improve my line up - Superflex PPR

T Tagovailoa -
J Garoppolo
D Haskins
J Love
I Book

J Taylor
T Sermon
D Harris
J Jackson
T Johnson
E Mitchel

J Smith-Schuster
T McLaurin
T Higgins
C Davis
M Williams
J Washington
P Campbell
D Slayton
J Waddle


L Thomas
E Engram
G Everett
R Gronkowski
A Okwuegbunam

Picks -
2022 1st Rd

2022 1st Rd

2022 2nd Rd

2022 2nd Rd

2022 2nd Rd

2022 4th Rd

2022 5th Rd

2023 1st Rd

2023 1st Rd

2023 2nd Rd

2023 3rd Rd

2023 4th Rd

2023 5th Rd

2024 1st Rd

2024 2nd Rd

2024 3rd Rd

2024 4th Rd

2024 5th Rd

It would be helpful to know your league roster settings. Lineup, bench slots, how many keepers, etc.

Without that information, all I can say is:

QB looks very weak for a superflex league. Tua is a QB2, the rest looks much worse. As soon as Jimmy G gets benched, you’ll need to start a RB/WR on SFLEX, and you don’t have a bye week replacement for Tua. You definitely need to spend one of your 2022 1st round picks on a QB. Maybe even 2, if Jordan Love shouldn’t get the nod in Green Bay next year.

RB looks okay. Taylor and Harris are starters, Sermon should be one by the end of the season. You’re lacking a top tier talent here, but these are extremely hard to get in dynasty, if you don’t have a top 3 pick.

WR looks okay as well. McLaurin and Higgins are the starters here. Waddle should be another one sooner rather than later, do not trade him away. Smith-Schuster and Davis are WR3s. JuJu with more upside, Davis with the safer floor. Both can be traded away if the price is right.

5 TEs? Okay, your league obviously has very deep rosters, but still… 5TEs? Thomas is my favorite here. Don’t get too excited about the Gronk show from last night. There will be more episodes this season, but there will also be plenty of 2/20/0 games. If you have any owner who is ready to to pay a penny for Engram, sell him. If not, drop him. Everett and Albert O are keepers, though Albert is highly speculative.

Improving your roster via the waiver wire is probably not an option in a league with such deep rosters.

Overall, I can say that your roster is lacking top tier options on all positions. None of your players is a difference maker. Even if you need to start a lot of players and need the depth, you should have top tier players on at least 1 or 2 positions. When you build your depth, go for speculative upside players rather than backup pieces like Justin Jackson or James Washington, who offer virtually zero long term appeal.

Zak nailed everything I might have suggested.

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I would also like an opinion on a trade I am thinking about. I have an offer that is Amari Cooper for waddle and a 2nd round pick. My team is extremely young with Lance, tua, Fitzpatrick and gorrapolo as my qbs in a superflex. Robbie anderson, dionte Johnson, Amari Cooper, Micheal Pittman, kidarius toney, Gabriel Davis and amon-ra st brown as my recievers. I have Mixon, antonio gibson, clyde edwards helair and Trey sermon as my running backs. My TE’s are weak as I have Conklin, trautman, evan engrham, brevin jordan.

The reason I want to trade Amari is that I don’t think he will be in his prime when it is my chance to win as there are some pretty good teams this year.

I also have an extra first round pick next year from one of the bottom teams in the league, and am missing my second round pick.

Is there any other advice you could give to improve my roster?

Was it you I answered on a separate thread? I told somebody that I recommended trading Cooper for Waddle and a 2nd round pick. It was a good deal.

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