Advice for Team: Dynasty

I’m in a 2 QB PPR Dynasty/Keeper League and would love some feed back on what potential moves I should try this off-season to improve my team or if I should hold put. Had to cut down to 13 in off-season before draft. Thanks for the feed back.

Current team:
QB- Aaron Rodgers
QB- Lamar Jackson
RB- Christian McCaffery
RB- Aaron Jones
WR- Ceedee Lamb
WR- Chris Godwin
WR- Amari Cooper
TE- Dalton Schultz
Flex- Rashod Bateman

QB- Justin Fields
RB- AJ Dillion
RB- Miles Sanders
WR- Robert Woods

Overall, it’s a solid roster.

I would be concerned at RB. Don’t expect CMC to last if they keep trying to run him too much. If they don’t try and run him too much, expect his numbers to drop. Either way, you lose. While I like the Jones/Dillon combo, you need another decent RB, and Sanders isn’t it.

Definitely shoot for RB in your upcoming draft. If you can’t get Breece Hall or Kenny Walker, shoot for somebody like Tyler Allgeier, Isaiah Spiller, or Zamir White. Basically, after Hall and Walker, you want somebody with the potential to start eventually.

I would also look for a second QB. Fields is being setup to lose in Chicago. I recommend Matt Corral for his upside potential in the long run. If not him, Kenny Pickett is also a decent choice. Beyond that, hold your nose and take Desmond Ritter.

Finally, this is a great year for WR’s, and you almost can’t lose, even in the 3rd or 4th rounds. That is also where I would look for a TE. This TE class is all crapshoots, so don’t waste an early pick on one.

Good luck!

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I agree with @edmcgon, except for Zamir White, on whom he is a lot higher than I am.

What draft picks do you have? And how deep are your rosters?
That would be important to figure out a draft strategy.

While I do agree that RB is your roster priority, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend to draft an RB first. Because behind Breece Hall, this year’s RB draft class quickly becomes a lottery, whereas the WR class features several very talented players.

So depending on your picks, I could see a strategy where you draft a WR first, and then address the RB position in rounds 2 and 3. Keep in mind: you draft for talent, and trade for need.

As for QB, while I do agree with Ed that you need to bolster that position, you don’t necessarily have to do it this year. I don’t particularly like any of the QB prospects of this draft class. If you can get Corral/Willis/Ridder in the 3rd round, they are worth a consideration. Howell in the 4th would also be a solid pick.

But the 2023 QB draft class looks a lot better than the 2022 one. So I’d prepare for spending your 2023 1st on a QB. Do keep in mind though that you may need 2 new QBs, as Rodgers will retire one day, and Fields could indeed lose the starting job at some point. Even Jackson isn’t without risk, as rushing QBs tend to fade a lot earlier than pocket passers, and also have a higher injury risk.

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