2 QB Superflex Rookie Draft help needed

One year into my first Dynasty league and I did not fare well, especially with not understanding the importance of drafting QBs early. My roster is for upcoming year. We have our 3 round rookie draft next Friday (10 Jun) and then free agent draft later. Because of roster construct, I decided to go draft heavy since I knew I would not be competitive as the year went on and playing for future. I traded CMC for two #1s and couple of other trades. This year in our 12 team league I have picks 1.02, 2.02, 2.05, 3.02 (2023&24 I have two # 1’s each year, along with my 2’s and 3’s).

I really need help with roster construction. I desperately need a QB and know this year is not the best but am leaning on taking Pickett (I do like his outlook on becoming the starting QB with good weapons).

QB: Tannehill, D. Jones
RB: Mixon, Etienne, Dar. WIlliams, Rountree
WR: T. Hill, C. Samuel, Palmer, Osborne, Shepard, Campbell, Washington, T. Smith
TE: Waller, Freirmuth, T. Hill (TE/QB)

So as you can see by the roster, I made decision to infuse team with youngsters with potential vs veterans, hoping that is a valid strategy. I know next years draft is expected to be stronger.

Q: Should I draft Pickett with pick 1.02 since I need a QB past this year (Tenn drafted Willis, Jones a big ?) , and a WR/WR or WR/RB? Or, do I take Walker (assuming Brice being 1.01) or one of the WRs and then come back in Round 2 (picks 2.02 &, 2.05 with a QB and either WR/RB?

Thanks for the HELP!!!

I’m still saying no to Pickett.

There is one advice I found very helpful in dynasty: you draft for talent and trade for need. Using the 1.02 on Pickett would be drafting for need, leaving much better talent on the board.

Looking at your full roster, I would even advise against drafting Ken Walker with the 1.02, and instead go after either Drake London or Treylon Burks. Both of them are elite WR prospects. Your only elite WR carries a big question mark on his new team. And behind him, I don’t even see a WR2 (even though I like Palmer and Osborn). Your team needs help on WR.

Didn’t I just say you should draft for talent, not for need? I did. But with chosing London or Burks over Walker, you don’t sacrifice talent. Walker is as fine an RB prospect as they come, but not necessarily elite material, and his team situation isn’t ideal, either. There’s nothing wrong with drafting him at 1.02, but I think picking an elite WR will help your team more.

So my advice is:
1.02: D London or T Burks (whomever you like better)

2.02 & 2.05: M Willis / D Ridder / J Dotson / G Pickens / D Pierce / I Spiller / R White / M Corral

Pairing Willis with Tannehill would make extra sense for you, so I’d grab him at the 2.02. If he went off the board in round 1 (are there more QB needy teams in your league?), Ridder is a solid prospect as well. If they are all gone, there will be some strong WR/RB prospects left. Grab them instead of a 3rd-tier QB in an already weak QB class.

3.02: H Haskins / TDP / A Pierce / J Tolbert / Z White
If against all odds Ridder or Corral are still on the board, you’d pick them, of course. Other than that, all 5 players above are interesting prospects.

If you absolutely want to load up on QB, you can consider Sam Howell as well. I don’t believe in Carson Wentz at all (who does?), so there may be some opportunity down the road for Howell. Or Taylor Heinicke will finish the season and the Commanders draft another QB next year. There’s a small chance Howell will become the next Davis Mills, but who knows.

Rountree, Shepard, Campbell, Washington, Tre’Quan and Taysom Hill are cut candidates, in case you need more bench spots. If cutting any of them will open up a 4th round pick for you, do it and draft Snoop Conner as a handcuff for ETN.

I agree with Zak. Pick a WR at 1.02. And see who you can get at QB at 2.02.

Could also trade back in the 1st. Using a late 1st on Pickett is understandable. Then you’d get Pickett and more picks. Or trade the 1.02 for a Veteran QB

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Thanks for the advice.
Question. With 2nd pick, would taking RB Walker and then comeback with a WR in 2nd round a good decision (I have picks 2&5)? For RBs I really only have Mixon and Etienne. WR I have Hill and a few #2 types. Thanks Again!

That would be the conventional approach, and there’s nothing wrong with it - if you really believe in Ken Walker.

I’m not 100% sold on him, though. He’s a strong prospect, but not elite. And the team situation is far from ideal. Sure, there is a good chance both Carson and Penny will miss a lot of time, so there is a chance for Walker to start producing immediately. But the Seahawks have one of the weakest offenses this year, which usually doesn’t bode well for RBs.

Personally, I like London and Burks better. Not by a huge margin, though, so I wouldn’t call it a mistake to go after Walker.

But I would respectfully disagree that you have a few #2 WRs on your roster. To be honest, I don’t see a single one there. Palmer and Osborn have some potential, but both are only the #3 or even #4 target in their team. Samuel may or may not return to former strength - my money is on ‘not’. And Shepard, Campbell, Washington and Smith are desparation plays at best.

None of those WRs is better than tier 7 in FantasyPro’s dynasty ECR. London and Burks are tier 4. You’d be getting a significant upgrade there. The WRs you’d get in round 2 would be also around tier 7, and while there is every chance that their fantasy stock will rise, there isn’t any guarantee, either.

Ken Walker and Travis Etienne are back-to-back in ECR. If Etienne lives up to expectations (personally, I think he will, but I could be totally wrong here), you could have two RB1s with Mixon and Etienne. I don’t see Walker being more than a high-end RB2 in fantasy. Which would still make him a good insurance policy, in case Etienne turns out to be a bust.

But that’s the deal - Walker is an insurance policy, no more. If Etienne takes off, you won’t start Walker, even if he gets the starter role in Seattle. London and Burks, on the other hand, could become immediate starters for you - or latest next year, in case they need some time to adjust to the NFL level.

That’s why I prefer them.

Thanks for the advice. I keep running superflex rookie mocks and majority have London at 1.02 and Walker usually in 3-5 range, sometimes 2. I do like Burks (I am an Arkansas Grad) and watched him quite a bit. You are right that I take a hit drafting Walker at the position I am in. I have 2.02 and 2.05 so maybe White, Pickens, ? will be there. I will probably use one for Willis or Ridder with one of the picks since I only have Jones and Tanny (selecting Willis gives me security but picking Ridder and having London could be big down the road. I have two #1’s for 2023 when that draft is rumored to be loaded (better QB crop anyway).