Last minute mock draft

I did a last minute mock draft tonight, moreso to get a feeling for Yahoo’s controls, plus any last minute changes to my draft list. I wasn’t sticking to the draft list religiously, so don’t read this as any kind of gospel for what I’d do in any draft this weekend.

What surprised me was the number of WR’s taken early. It was to the point where I took RB’s in the first three rounds, and felt very comfortable doing so. I still managed to end up with decent WR’s later in the draft. I was drafting 6th in odd rounds, and 7th in even rounds. I was treating this as a keeper/dynasty draft, so look at it with that in mind:

  1. Bijan Robinson (Atl - RB)
  2. Jahmyr Gibbs (Det - RB)
  3. Rhamondre Stevenson (NE - RB)
  4. Trevor Lawrence (Jax - QB)
  5. Kyle Pitts (Atl - TE)
  6. Christian Watson (GB - WR)
  7. Jameson Williams (Det - WR)
  8. Quentin Johnston (LAC - WR)
  9. Jalin Hyatt (NYG - WR)
  10. Zach Charbonnet (Sea - RB)
  11. Jordan Love (GB - QB)
  12. Luke Musgrave (GB - TE)
  13. Kendre Miller (NO - RB)
  14. Riley Patterson (Det - K)
  15. Houston (Hou - DEF)

I’ll comment after you guys do.

I mean, sure, you said it’s for a keeper/dynasty league, but man, if that was a redraft team, you’d be wearing a pinwheel beanie right about now.

That team would go winless in 2023.

That was useless criticism. More specific please? All you’re doing is tossing insults. Be constructive.

It wasn’t intended to be “criticism” in the constructive sense–it was a mock draft, it’s not like you can do anything to improve the team NOW–it was just intended as a shaking of the head at the complete and utter hopelessness of facing the 2023 season with that team.

I’ll be more specific: Point out the flaws you see?

Now you’re just being intentionally obtuse.

You really can’t see that you have Christian Watson as your WR1, a guy who can’t possibly play more than 2 games before Week 10 (and who seems to be heading down the Colossal Bust Highway through his first two NFL offseasons) as your WR2, and two fourth-string rookies as your WR depth?

Well, the rest of us can see it, and it makes us physically ill.

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Now you’re getting somewhere! I firmly disagree with you about Watson. He could easily be a top 5 WR this year. Worst case, maybe top 24.

What else have you got?


Top 20 is probly his absolute ceiling–and he’s your WR1, so you have like the worst WR1 you could possibly start in a 20 team league.


What else do I need?

You discussed one player, yet you tossed out my entire draft. One bad pick, which I don’t think it was, doesn’t make a bad draft. Care to name another one?

Read it again; I discussed your entire WR corps.

(And “dissing” and “cussing” are good words for it.)

Hyatt is the only one who could be argued isn’t a potential alpha WR. The rest all fit the description. Admittedly, they are young and unproven. You and I will agree to disagree on my WR’s.

Talent has little to do with it when you’re on the bench for the first half of the season.

And we’re not even sure that Q is all that talented; he battled the dropsies in college and he’s battling the dropsies again in training camp, so he’s a little QB trust away from being an “alpha receiver” just yet.

And oh yeah, Jameson Williams had a bad drop on his only target this preseason, too…

Your WRs are poop, and agreeing to disagree doesn’t change that.

Jamarr Chase had problems with the dropsies in his first preseason. Do you think he’s poop?

But not throughout college. He was coming back after a year off and had a phase. For Q it’s a trend.

And most importantly, Chase is not on your team.

Did you actually watch Q last year? I did. He was awesome. Can you at least comment on something you know?

Axe Elf was talking about fantasy football. Try to keep up.

Like I said, comment on something you know.

If you don’t trust me, maybe you’ll trust this guy… got it all cued up for why Quentin Johnston will ruin your draft, and the guy who will ruin your draft after that is Jameson Williams. So you get a two-fer here, if you keep watching. lol

Oh, and parenthetically, my team beat his for the Big 12 Championship last year.