Just drafted went a bit weird

Picked 6 overall PPR 10 team 14 round Start 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 W/T, 1 WRT a K and D . Felt I had to take Hill and it may have cost me a good RB and wonder if Waller was too early. Thoughts?
1.6 D Adams
2.5 T Hill
3.6 C Carson
4.5 Waller
5.6 G Edwards
7.5 Theilen
8.6 Stafford
9 Fournette
10 M Carter
11 TB Def
12 J Hurts
13 J Tucker
14 R Stevenson

Waller in the 4th round is a steal in most drafts, but in one where no TE is required, he is about right in the 4th round.

Getting Edwards in the 5th made up for it.

Probably shouldn’t have gone for Thielan. He may be on his last legs.

Stafford was a steal in the 8th.

Good draft overall.

Good point ed; I was about to say that he kind of pulled off the early TE pick with Carson and Edwards at RB–and those WRs!–but then you pointed out that no TE was required, and Waller starts to look a lot dumber again, compared to WRs in the ADP35 range (the Allens, the Rams, the Bucs, the Coopers).

So–love the first 8 rounds–EXCEPT for Waller. lol

I don’t think much has changed for Thielen since he was the WR7 in standard and WR10 in PPR last season with 14 TDs. Oh yeah, no more Kyle Rudolph maybe…

Between Hill, Adams and Thielen, you’ll never start Waller anyway. Just picture having Robert Woods as your bye week relief…

Don’t love Fournette; would have tried for Conner here–but you wouldn’t even be scraping the bottom of the barrel for RB depth if you’d taken a RB like Josh Jacobs in the 4th.

Don’t really love Carter either–committee for the Jets? No thanks.

Don’t think Hurts will be starting at the end of October; wasted pick for a single QB 10-teamer behind Stafford.

So yeah, it was kind of wild and wooly and careening on the edge of being out of control–but still under control–until you hit Round 9, and then it all went flying apart–partially due to picking a TE early, in a TE-optional league!