Hockenson and 3.12 for 1.8

I am in a dynasty league, it’s a one qb and full ppr. I got Prescott, Lance, Watson, j Willems, aj Dillon, j Robinson, Chubb, aj brown, Jefferson Godwin, Higgins, Sutton and ertz. He’s offering hockenson and 3.12 for 1.8. I think I should.

It’s a fair offer. I would probably take it. Ertz is solid on TE, but he’s not getting any younger.

The 1.8 wouldn’t buy you a top RB. You don’t need a QB, so you would probably spend it on a WR. But your roster looks pretty solid on WR, so spending the 1.8 on Hockenson instead does sound reasonable.

For a 1.8, I’d want a TE closer to the top. Hockenson just isn’t it for me. That said, it is a good deal objectively speaking, and is clearly an upgrade on Ertz. I’d take it.