Need to trade one of 3 Tight Ends for a Receiver

Have Schultz, Ferguson, McBride.

Some decent interest in Ferguson from league mates.

I can get Godwin, Amari, or Diontae Johnson.

Which one you like best ROS, if you are making the trade at all?

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I have Schultz on one team, and he has been good. He is easily playing as well as he did with the Cowboys. I would keep him, unless you have somebody better.

If you can get something for either Ferguson or McBride, do it. I’m sure you can find some Cowboys homer to take Ferguson for a value WR.

Of the WR’s you listed, I like Diontae best. He’s got more juice in his tank.

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Quick follow up. The team I am playing this week is the TE needy team.

I can do McBride/Schultz/Ferguson for Amari, Diontae, or Kirk.

How do you feel about trading with a team you are in direct competition with?

Also, another crazy option is I give Josh Allen/TE, I get Hurts/Kirk

I am fighting for a playoff spot so it’s weird to trade with a team I am playing with but I also have to think season long.

I LOVE that trade! You win both sides. I’d rather have Hurts than Allen now (he looked sad Monday night) and Kirk is better than Diontae.

Thanks. I am so frustrated I thought for sure I had Hurts and I could not get it done.

My two main competitions in two leagues are the teams I have traded with the most. I don’t care nor do they and we’re all looking ar getting 1st round byes.

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Trade are done and I don’t see any other moves I can make before our deadline.

My SuperFlex Roster

QB: Allen, Murray, Love
RB: Swift, Ford, Javonte, Charbonnet, Chandler, Gainwell
WR: Aj Brown, Pittman, Dell, Nico
TE: McBride, Ferguson

If that can’t get it done so be it.

I was offered Gabe Davis or Pickens for Chandler but I dunno.