Proposed trade for my NFL league

So the league I am in our players score points a little differently than the ones I’ve been looking at recently. We do draft defensive players but they only score points after 4 tackles, interceptions, sacks and of course TDs. We also have position weeks where we have 2 guys in the same position that both score points. I’m down to one QB because Fitzmagic is hurt for who truly knows how long.

A buddy offered up Trevor Lawrence for either Najee Harris or Tremaine Edmunds. I can’t see the giving up Najee but I’m really debating the trade for Edmunds. Am I nuts?

Yes, you are nuts. The Jags are AWFUL! They lost to HOUSTON! Let that sink in.

In the preseason, everybody was saying, “Avoid all Houston players”. After the first week, we can add “avoid all Jacksonville players”.

For what it’s worth, I lost Fitzpatrick in my dynasty superflex league. Fortunately, my other two QB’s are Tua and Derek Carr, so I can run with them for awhile. But the lesson here is to always keep backups for your starters. If you can stream them, even better.

Sadly the moment I realized I had only taken 2 QB’s was late enough that the remaining picks weren’t worth it. I decided to write down and keep track of every pick by each guy in the league. I must have gotten too mixed up and didn’t pay enough attention. The fault lies with me. I suppose I’ll have to suffer without a second QB for a bit.

Who’s on your waiver wire?

In this league who we draft is all that is available. We can only trade with other guys. We do have a supplemental draft later in the year.

I wouldn’t trade for Lawrence. See what else you can get.

So far that is it. The only other one might be Rodgers but even then I’m nervous because of all the drama around him and the packers these days.

Rodgers is a buy-low prospect. I can’t imagine he’ll be bad all year. This could be the time to take a shot at him.