Latest trade: AJ Brown for stuff

Same league as my other trade today, but with a different partner. I give up AJ Brown and Trey Lance for Jameis Winston, Antonio Gibson, Luke Schoonmaker, and his 1st round pick next year.

Why move AJ Brown? Because my other WR’s are Puka Nacua, Ceedee Lamb, Jaylen Waddle, and Elijah Moore on my bench if I get desperate. Also, Brown seems to be aging a little, or at least isn’t the dominating alpha he used to be. Note I have Waddle in one of my flex spots at the moment, and I could easily add an RB there if I choose.

As for moving Trey Lance, that was a necessary evil. I hit my QB limit, and if I need a starter this week, Jameis Winston might play for Derek Carr. I also don’t see Trey Lance as having a future.

Antonio Gibson? I know, this was kind of a toss-in pick based on unfulfilled potential. Honestly, Gibson just needs a coach who knows how to use him. He has all the physical skills, all the tools, and yet…he never works out, other than flashes of what he can do. Is this Washington’s fault? Not sure. But he’s worth a toss-in to this deal. I can sit on him.

Then there’s Luke Schoonmaker. I just traded away my main backup TE. Schoonmaker makes a nice prospect I can stick on my taxi squad, while I bring up Cade Otten. Admittedly, Otten is just backing up Sam LaPorta, so it’s not like I have to rely on him.

Finally, the 1st round pick speaks for itself. Even if my partner ends up doing well this year (I see flaws in his roster, but I won’t go into that here), I will still have a late 1st round pick.

Any thoughts?