Draft results! 12 team 1/2 ppr

QB: Aaron Rodgers, Justin Fields
RB: Ezekiel Elliott, Antonio Gibson, Kenyan Drake
WR: Allen Robinson, Robert Woods, Chase Claypool, Russell Gage, Marquise Brown, Michael Pittman
TE: TJ Hockenson
DEF: Denver
K: Harrison Butker

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Man, like every single league.

People draft a great QB–Mahomes, Allen, Rodgers here… and then can’t resist tacking on some rookie prospect to the end of their bench.


Coulda used that pick on another RB (Ingram, perhaps?)…

I like Zeke and Woods and I guess Rodgers is still adequate; other than that, I think you and I read different fantasy magazines.


It’s honestly rare for me to take 2 QBs, especially when having one like Rodgers, but this year I figured what the hell. I actually wish I had picked up Rookie back up RB from Baltimore, but didnt. I wouldn’t trust any RB from Houston this year.


You can trust Ingram to get you the Carlos Hyde floor from a couple of years ago, 6-8 pts per week and a TD every third week or so.

Assuming you’re talking about Ty’Son Williams, have you seen his stats in college?

His season high was 460 yards as a sophomore, which he failed to best in two more years, In 2018, he had his career high in TDs, 4. He’s barely a JAG. He’s at best the third option to carry the ball out of the backfield, behind Jackson and Edwards–and he’s a rookie.

And frankly, I’m not convinced he’s any better than Justice Hill; he just has the appeal of the unknown.

And you trust him more than a three-time Pro Bowler who is the RB1 for his team (and I don’t care WHO that team is)?

Come on, man…