Premium Tight End Draft Strategy

I have the 3rd pick in a ppr tight end premium league, my question is do I take Kelce or a top tier RB/WR. Never done this league before. Any tips are appreciated. Thanks in advance…

How “premium” are the TEs?

If TEs don’t get at least 3 points per reception and 10 points for a TD with 1 pt per 5 yards receiving, then you should take Derrick Henry with the 3rd pick.

If they get more than that, then go Kelce.

premium means all TE get 1.5 pts for each reception vs 1pt for all other WR and RB’s . The draft adp has Kelce at 3 which is my pick just not sure if its a smart move

It’s not. You’ll have a positional advantage of 6-8 pts per week at TE, but your first round RB is now a second round RB, your second round WR is now a third round WR, your third round RB is now a fourth round RB, and your fourth round WR is now a fifth round WR.

So unless you are able to beat the odds and identify players later in the draft who outperform their ADPs, it doesn’t take long to lose that positional advantage at TE when you’re losing 2-3 pts per week at every other one of your starting positions.

Henry. If you don’t like his lack of pass-catching, then Zeke.

Thanks for your thoughts, whats your view on kamara for a #3 pick first round

I would take Kamara if Henry, Zeke and CMC are all off the board before you pick at #3.

(No, I’m lying; I’d probly take Aaron Jones, or maybe Dalvin Cook, but you get the point.)

wow, what makes you want henry in a ppr or zeke all projections are kamara will out perform in ppr

Well, clearly not ALL projections, since Axe Elf’s, for instance, are not so.

What makes me want them is that Henry has the best chance of being the overall #1 RB at the end of the season, and Zeke has the 2nd-best chance.

lol , too funny. why not a fan of kamara this year, new quarterback?

I wouldn’t say I’m not a fan–he should be taken among the top 5 or 6 players in the draft–I’m just not as much of a fan of Kamara’s as I am of the players with a better chance of outperforming Kamara.