Different League Scoring Settings

Interested on perspectives as to how I change my draft strategy for my League’s new scoring.

Most leagues are 1pt/25 yds passing, 10yds rushing & 10yds receiving.
To stop the massive RB dominance, the manager has changed this to 1 per 60 passing, 50 rushing & 25 passing with 1pt PPR.

I feel this will lead to TE & WR with high volumes being massively bid.
Thoughts anyone???

I assume you meant it got changed to 1 pt. per 25 receiving?

This will downgrade the overall effect of yardage in scoring. I find it funny that he is doing this to “stop the massive RB dominance”. In fact, this makes 3rd down backs more valuable, since they get a boost to their receptions without being hurt by their limited yardage performance. Think about it: Not counting TD’s, a WR who catches 50 passes for 1000 yards would be worth 90 points, while an RB who catches 70 passes for 650 yards and has 200 yards rushing would be worth 100 points.

Actually, what this system does is downgrade QB’s massively, downgrade yardage-dependent WR’s, downgrade rush yardage-dependent RB’s (sorry Derrick Henry!), while increasing 3rd down RB’s, TE’s, and catch-dependent WR’s.

Overall, what you see is a massive bump to the top 3 TE’s (Kelce, Waller and Kittle) and RB’s with lots of catches like CMC and Ekeler. Depending on the points for TD’s, you could also see a guy like Juju (9 td’s) entering the same conversation as a guy like DeAndre Hopkins (6 td’s), even with 600 yards of difference between them.

What he has made is a “receptions are king” league.

So of WR/RBs in 2020, the only RB scoring over 200pts would be Kamara (264) then Cook (202) while Henry lags in at 180. Meanwhile 7 WRs score over 200 topped by Adams (283), Hill (249) & Diggs (244) then Hopkins (210).
Kelce (233) & Waller (213) are studs with no other TE over 140 and most under 120.
Top 10 QBs all score over 200 with Rodgers at the top (280).

So what about my draft strategy ?? Stud TE in Rd 1? WRs for first 3 rounds??
12 team league.
Hard eh.

A stud TE, or Kamara or Cook or other high reception RB’s in the 1st round. But watch for the dropoff in WR’s. It may be awhile into the draft. Draft every skill position before QB’s, and I mean even your bench.