10th Pick 10-Team PPR

I’m drafting in the 10th spot in a 10-team PPR redraft league. It’s my most competitive league, but this is a tough call. I’ve gone through so many draft simulations, and just can’t seem to get a good strategy. It seems easy drafting with back to back picks, but I keep getting caught up in the QB, WR, TE Bermuda Triangle. So far, the best I’ve come up with is: 1- RB, 2- RB, 3- TE (if one of the top 3 are available), 4- QB (If Allen or Jackson are on the board), 5 - WR, 6- WR, 7 - WR, 8 - RB, and so on from there.

Any advice here? The RB selection drops off a cliff after the second round, so I want to load up early. The only change I can see would be to sub out the QB pick for an top WR and hope to snag a value pick later on.

First off, ignore the QB’s. A top tier QB isn’t that much better than a second tier QB, compared to a top tier TE over a second tier TE.

Grab the top tier TE if you can. If Kelce/Waller/Kittle aren’t there, you will likely have other opportunities at either RB or WR. Stay flexible! Ideally, you want a top TE and an RB in the 10th and 11th picks. But be prepared to grab a top WR if that is your best option.

Just remember: Uncertainty is just opportunity in disguise.

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