Early picks draft strategy

I’m in a 12 team 3 player keeper and have accumulated 10 picks in the first 6 round including 3 in the top 13. I never draft Qb or TE early but due to this flux of picks should I go after Kyler Murray or jake allen with my 1.05, 1.12 or 2.01? Most rb’s will be gone but some high end WR’s will be available.

My keepers are Cook, Kamara , Adams

You’ll never hear me suggest, “Draft a QB in the first 2 rounds”, unless this is a superflex league.

You can toss a TE into your pick selection there, if his name is Kelce or Waller or Kittle. Otherwise, look for the best WR’s available. You didn’t mention your starting roster positions, so grabbing a rock solid backup RB (or flex RB) would even make sense.

With RB position being fairly weak in terms of numbers, when should I draft my first RB in the 12 man PPR?

I would go first round running back unless youre on the back end. I like to grab Kelce, Adams or Hill at that point and a running back earlt round 2. If youre near the top I would go RB,RB,WR

I’m picking 7th. I like the RB, RB, WR. Seems too early to get Kelce when a player like Chubb is always available there. Thanks. One more question if you have the time;

I’m also picking 11th in a Standard 12 man flex. Seems like you wouldn’t mind grabbing Kelce at 1.11 and a RB at 2.2 but how would you go about pick 11 in a standard flex?


If you dont take Kelce I would probably take best RB possible at 11 and for your next pick decide between a top WR ( Hill,Adams, Diggs) or a RB . I would not take an RB there unless a great one slips or somehow all the top 3 WR and Kelce slip.