Post-keeper pick #1: Jones or Hall?

8 man standard league, three keepers. I’m rolling with Kamara, Chubb, and AJ Brown.

Last year I replaced Zeke with Chubb and Hopkins with Brown… and I’m thinking I need to keep working on those RB keepers’ age this year. Most likely, in today’s draft, I’m going to see Aaron Jones, Leonard Fournette, and Breece Hall on the table. I’ve been leaning Hall… but it’s hard to pass on the 2022 value Jones (or Fournette) presents.

I can target later players like Dillon, Rhamondre Stevenson, Pollard, etc… and probably get a couple. Last year I got Trey Sermon, though, to the sighs and weeping in the draft room (as my brother reluctantly settled for Javonte Williams, also my next target). Obviously that didn’t work out as hoped for me, and that’s why that type of RB is available later than Hall. This league values youth and RBs very highly… it’s almost impossible to trade for a young RB worth anything. If I don’t get Hall in the draft, I won’t get him.

So. Run the risk of Hall not panning out (/helping enough in a 2022 run), or develop an RB keeper in later rounds/off waivers in order to have Jones (or Fournette) at FLEX for 2022?

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Draft Hall and then trade him to one of your idiot leaguemates for more than he’s worth.

Not a bad angle on the problem.

Any other thoughts are still very welcome!

Welcome back!

It’s not a question of Hall not panning out. It’s a question of getting stuck in an RBBC with Michael Carter. Both of them are talented RB’s, so this is a good problem for the Jets, but a bad problem for fantasy owners. Because of this, I’d entertain going with Dillon or Stevenson instead, although Pollard wouldn’t be bad either.

You mentioned Jones, and I’d rather have Dillon. Dillon does everything Jones does, plus Dillon is a bulldozer of a back.

Stevenson is a more complete back than anyone not named Breece Hall.

In summary, you’re juggling balls that are all roughly the same. The only ones I wouldn’t bother with, unless they drop a ton in the draft, are Jones and Fournette. They just don’t have much future value.

In my view Dillon and Srevenson are fighting for touches more than Hall, as he has the advantage of being a top pick.


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I won’t say Carter will out-do Hall, but Carter will get the 3rd down work plus some of the early down work, making him a little more valuable in PPR.

It is pretty much a toss up and being a standard league age doesn’t matter.
I would still pick Hall.

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Believe me, I just did pick Hall in a dynasty rookie draft tonight. Carter or no Carter, Hall is a stud.

I was being polite. Your welcome.

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Thanks, you guys. I did end up getting Hall… and Pierce slipped a little as well. Couldn’t land DIllon, nor Rhamondre… but did sneak Pollard into the mix late. So hopefully 1-2 of those guys builds their way up to being keeper-worthy (top-24 pick, essentially) by year’s end.


I’m sure I’ll miss Jones/Fournette this year - I was always thinking of them as 2022-only. But next year’s draft, hopefully I can treat it a little more like redraft with a stronger (and younger) keeper core.

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