Keeper help for Auction Draft

Need some help picking 2 keepers out of the 6 players below. We start 1QB/2RB/3WR/2TE in a 12 team league. We are an auction league with a $300 salary cap/23 total players (IDP also). Full point PPR and bonus points for yards, length of TD’s. We get to keep 2 players for no more than 2 years and we get to keep them at 1/2 of the salary they were selected for last year either thru the draft or free agency. I would appreciate you sharing your top 2 picks and why? I’ll be happy to answer your questions.

$10 - Rashaad Penny - Crushed it the last 6 games of the season. He’s on a running offense, however, playing with bottom tier QB’s so does the defense focus on stopping the run because of the lack of QB threat. He has shown to be injury prone.

$26 - Javonte Williams - Probably one of the top 3 talented RB’s in the league but still has Melvin Gordon taking 35-45% of the carries. He has a QB that will open up more opportunities for him and in their division they’ll have to put up big points to win.

$1 - Cam Akers - Should be the bell cow for a high scoring team and McVay loves him! Achilles always a concern but came back in record time and looks ready to go. Hard to walk away from a clear #1 and only a $1 salary hit.

$1 - Rashod Bateman - Clear #1 WR now with Brown gone and was the Ravens best WR for the 2nd half of the season. Super talented and has the size to steal red zone TD’s from Mark Andrews. Again, minimal salary hit.

$10 - Mike Williams - Super talented WR reaching 2nd tier WR status with a great offense and a great QB and an aging Keenan Allen. Great red zone target and in a division where they will need to score a lot of points.

$6 - Kyle Pitts - Great rookie season but didn’t see the end zone much. Put up huge numbers and Marriota has shown a history of throwing to his TE. I have him ranked easily in the Top 3 TE in the league and many think he will be #1 this year. My hesitancy though is I’m not sure I want to pick a tight end for 1 of my 2 keepers.

Kyle Pitts at $6 looks like a crazy steal. Same for Cam Akers

This is what you’d have to pay THIS year, or this is what you paid LAST year and this year’s cost would be half?

Hard to believe you spent $52 on Javonte Williams last year, if it’s the former–but I guess maybe that has to do with the $300 budget.

I’d keep Javonte and Akers for $27 total.

The numbers I posted is what I have to pay this year. I got into a bidding battle for Javonte last year. I thought I would get him for $30-$35 but felt like I needed to get him as his talent and upside warranted it. I am leaning Javonte and Cam. Javonte would probably for for $55+ this year and Cam would probably go for $50 as well. $49 value on Cam and probably a $30+ value on Javonte. Pitts will probably go for $25-$30.