Playoff Talk for Week 15

South Beach begins it’s playoffs with me vs Zak and Damian vs Mack.

I have never lost to Zak with a “lifetime” record of 2-0 and expect it to go to 3-0.

However I do have a double curse this week of Akins who will play the opposite of whatever I choose and the “Never Ending Blatant Blunder” of trading Jacobs with a bad match up who will forget that for me.

No matter. I showed last week that I have good players who can score points.
THIS week I plan on actually playing them. :slight_smile:

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Come to think of it, you HAVE to start Akers. No, seriously. Hear me out:

If Akers plays bad (or at least worse than Jacobs), it remains a trade that did not work out for you, no matter if you start him or not. That happens, and next season, nobody would remember it.

But imagine Akers plays really well, better than Jacobs. So that he would win our matchup for you.

If you started him, what once was a bad trade would suddenly turn into the key element that got you into the semifinals.

But imagine he goes through the roof. On your bench. And you’d lose because of having benched him. You’d never hear the end of it. Trust me, you wouldn’t. :smiling_imp:

See? You have to start him.

And I’m now living in your head rent-free. :ghost: :sweat_smile:


Wow!! That was brutal


And I have the odd feeling it could backfire badly… :grimacing:


Well played Zak!


By the way, @SoBe717 , if you win after starting Akers this week, you’ll have to start him AGAIN next week, and all the way through the playoffs, thereby owning this trade and Zak in the process! Otherwise, the rest of us will just say you got lucky in the first week of the playoffs, and Zak actually owned the trade.

Hey @ZakHH, you were right! And it’s roomy in here too! Pass the popcorn, please? I’ll need something to do during my bye week…


LOL, the only living inside my head is me and that is more than enough for yet another win like the two before. History repeats and however brief it will again.

Just think, you will get a high draft pick. Good for you and your aging team.

You’re Welcome.

Ed, HOWZABOUT you deal with being #1 for a week before going #2. Sorry, meant going to #2. LOL

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To paraphrase that great philosopher Chevy Chase, “I’m on bye, and you’re not!”


Note to self: don’t forget to tell Ed “you’re on BYE and I am not” in week 17. :smiling_imp:


Good luck reaching that high plateau! Why don’t you beat Joe this week before you start talking next round trash? Cause you ain’t earned that right yet!

For now I am starting my best players in Etienne, Swift and Pacheco. Upon further review the run D for Dallas and Jets are good but not overly impressive.