RB by committee, I'm losing sleep

I’ve been rolling with
D. Williams since CEH has been out and Dalvin as my RBs.
For week 11, I plan on swapping D. Montgomery for D. Williams.

I also have Damien Harris, Khalil, Herbert, Eli Mitchell, and Mattison on my bench.
Dillon and R. Stevenson is available on waivers.

I feel like I need to keep Mattison as Dalvin’s handcuff.
Not sure if I should keep Khalil since Montgomery looks “healed”. Not sure if I should keep Damien since Stevenson looks like it may be a split, especially in New England. And with watching the 49ers last, night, SF might employ a split with Mitchell and Wilson now… And also, I could drop D Williams since CEH is coming back…

My WR’s are Cupp, J.Jefferson, and Keenan… so I could use another WR (like bateman who’s on waiver).

Maybe drop my Pats RB’s and Mitchell because of RB by committee going forward.

The way Stevenson played, I’d be hard pressed not to want him in my backfield, although Belichick could easily look past that awesome performance. I’d take a gamble on Stevenson though, and drop Williams.

Your WR’s are pretty solid. Even if you got Bateman, I’m not sure he’d crack the starting lineup with who you already have.

Thank you. Makes sense. I thought in case of WR injury, I’ll have a good prospect in Bateman. I think since I’ve seen Montgomery come back after his injury looking OK, i’m going to try and drop Khalil for Dillon or Stevenson, which ever one falls to me (if they do). That’ll at least buy me some time to see how the Pats and Chiefs deploy their RB’s and go from there. I’ll for sure keep Mattison as Cooks handcuff. After this week, all my byes are gone and should be able to roll confidently with Stafford, cook, montgomery, cupp, JJ, keenan, and pitts


Just remember, you can never have too many RB’s. They get hurt/benched/whatever. But WR’s are a dime a dozen. Even in the deepest leagues, there is always another WR you can get.