Who to Stash for RB Needy Team

Long story short I am WEAK at RB. As in Ford, Swift, and McLaughlin is all I got.

On my bench are Jameson, Williams, Kincaid, Charbonnet, Mayfield (we are superfex but no more QBs on waivers, every team has 3) Plus Daniel Jones is my QB2 and that is awesome, LOL.

Literally only trades I could pull off are:

—Ford/Lockett for Stevenson/Gabe Davis (which does nothing for my depth unless I get Moss instead)

—Dell for Gainwell

Wondering if instead of stashing Jameson and Kincaid, do I add:

Kendre, Bisby, Zeke, McKinnon, Singletary, Dillon, Murray, Dowdle, Mason, Strong (handcuff Ford)?

All are dart throws I know and I hate the karma that you’re waiting for an injury but the reality of it is you are.

How the hell do you research so much and have so few players? Do you not pay attention to yourself? lol

Can’t control injuries. Lost Chubb, Dobbins, Mike Williams, Rodgers, Jeff Wilson, LOL. Hell even Eli Mitchell!

Piecing it together the best I can.

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Charbonnet is also a RB, as are some Williamses.

Zeke would be a short term play for this week, as something seems to be wrong with Rhamondre.

McKinnon will have some huge games, good luck figuring out when.

Singletary has a tasty job awaiting him–and the skills to exploit it–should anything happen to Pierce, but not much standalone value.

Pick your poison.