Players to Avoid in the Draft



ADP ranking: 6 | My ranking: 9

Henry still has an overall RB1 ceiling after finishing first in points per game last season. Nonetheless, Henry has enough risk baked into his profile to fade him as a mid-first-round pick. Henry will always have limited usage in the passing game, meaning it’s a requirement that he maintains outlier rushing efficiency and volume just to compete with other top backs. I don’t think Henry is a bad pick but prefer others who have more complete profiles

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Aside from a fun shot at the Ohh Henry Elf, this is a good read.

I agree with everything here.

Poor Elfie will be heartbroken!

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Yeah, you can disagree but tuff to argue with what he wrote.

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Every league needs 11 losers.

I guess this writer only plays in 8 team leagues, if he has Henry ranked #9 but advises against drafting him in the first round.