Play to win : home run question

Standard league : loss of henry hurts . Was top of my league but now dont know . So i wanna take huge risks and swing for fences

My running backs are at the moment

D Montgomery
J Mchnichols
D freeman
D henry

Im keeping Henry incase he comes back on time for playoffs

So is it advisable to pick up D Gore and drop freeman ? I feel Gore can be the main guy in KC as williams is just a band aid and CEH has done nothing but fumbled

Plz advise guys : thanks in advance

I think I already advised this in another thread. Go for it. Just don’t expect Gore to replace Henry’s production, cause very few RB’s can do that, and nobody who has an elite RB will be trading them away this time of year.

But you can start McNichols this week, as AP gets acclimated to the Titans offense.

Honestly Freeman and Gore are a tossup. Gore looked good in the last game, CEH is due back soon and offense has kinda gone to shambles last couple weeks

Jeff Wilson on waivers?

There aren’t enough FAAB’s you can pay me to take a 49er’s RB not named “Mitchell” .Shanahan is downright fickle with his non-bellcows, and I’m not even sure about Mitchell (especially due to his health).

If you are truly desperate and in a deep league, I suppose Wilson would be worth taking a chance. But don’t expect great things. He’s coming off IR, so he might not even play.