Ingram (NO) Tonight?

Saints are without two starting tackles and a starting guard…

Ingram is fine to start when their line is in tack and could easily be a RB1 when Kamara is out.

I like the fact that Hill is starting but without the line help is it even worth starting Ingram tonight?

FYI: My RBs are : Kamara (out), Ingram, J. Robinson, M. Gordon, Freeman (BAL). So basically asking for advice in a must win situation! lol

Devonta Freeman should be a good start.

But with the alternatives being Robinson and Gordon, I don’t think starting Ingram would be a bad idea.

Yeah man< idk about Ingram tonight. That O line is all back ups and I feel like IF the saints even move the ball tonight and get into the red zone, taysom will be vulturing those goaline plays. With Dalvin out, IM starting eli mitchell, gaskin and jamaal williams and leaving Ingram on the bench. Good luck to all of you!!

appreciate the input guys. apparently gordon is 50/50 this sunday… so I am going to roll out Freeman, Robinson (should be good to go even in a tough match up vs Rams) and Ingram just because I know he is 100% a go. Pray to the fantasy gods!

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With those alternatives, I would certainly bench Ingram as well.

But OP’s alternatives are Robinson (questionable), Gordon (questionable) and Freeman. And in that scenario, I’m starting Ingram tonight.

But the concerns regarding the o-line and Taysom vulturing red zone carries are absolutely valid.