Which of these are wining starts

Standard league :

**Pick one : which one would u play **

**C Davis at pats : **
**H Ruggs vs Eagles : zone def and D slay cb **

** Or drop ruggs and pick up D Mooney or D smith or R Anderson **

Pick a def : pats vs jets or saints at Seattle or Packs vs Redskins . Pick one

Gaskin or D freeman or Penny as RB 2 . Pick one

I was thinking : pats or green bay as def . Mooney as WR and Stevenson as my RB 2

What u all think and thanks in advance
And good luck all

My opinion is:
Corey Davis or Mooney this week… I think Mooney will do better this week, but it’s a crapshoot.

Pats defense.

Penny if Collins is out for sure. Otherwise freeman is my other choice.