Should I drop D Henry

Oh! So so sad . Was doing amazing but henry injury has put a bullet in my heart and my hopes for this season

I think i still qualify for playoffs : so time line says 6-8 weeks .

Should I drop Henry or keep him in my roster

No IR Spot in my league

Thanks guys

That depends. Do you have a player on your roster who can fill the Henry spot?

If not, do you have another player whom you can drop to pick up a replacement?

If the answer to both questions is ‘no’, then yes, you should drop Henry.
Otherwise, I won’t blame you for hanging on to him. If the Titans are on the bubble for a playoff run, there is at least a chance we may see him again around week 15.

Watch the Titans closely. If they get on a big losing streak, and look like they are falling out of contention, then it’s time to cut and run.

If this is a dynasty league, you might be able to trade him for some value.

@sid5171 I’m holding my shares of King Henry - for now. I’ve either had an IR or haven’t needed the bench spot for a more valuable player. Looking to make trades and picking up McNichols or Peterson on waivers.