How can I Improve my team : post henry

I was top scoring team and 5-3 coming into week 9 in 12 team standard league HTH
D Henry injury has really put me in a hole . Im hoping to ride it out and hope he comes back by week 14 when playoffs start
This is my current team and do u guys think anyone is droppable and if so who should i pick up

Hill (saints) starter QB this week only
Gaskin : RB 1
J McNichols : RB 2
Hokins WR 1
Diggs : WR 2
Flex : Waddle
TE : kelce

Bench :

J Jeudy WR
D Montogomery : RB: : injured
D Freeman : RB :
D Henry : keeping him for time being
Brady : on bye
Z Ertz : TE : backup for bye weeks/ injuries

Waiver wire free agents avail

RB avail now
Murray (Ravens) RB , M Ingram , D Gore
Gainwell , D singletery , G Bernard

WR available mow

B Edwards
K Landry
C davis
V Jefferson (rams)
B Ayuik

So guys any one worth picking and who Drop

I assume Adrian Peterson wasn’t available on waivers? He’s the one I’d have picked up to replace Henry, since the Titans did too. You can probably ride McNichols for this week while Peterson gets up to speed.

Gaskin is your other RB? Ouch. You better hope Montgomery comes back soon. In the meantime, Derrick Gore is probably worth a gamble. I think you’ve seen Freeman’s upside, about 13 points in PPR, and he requires the “touchdown deodorant” to get there. That won’t get you to the playoffs, but it’s good if you are desperate. With the troubles the Chiefs are having, they might turn to the running game a little more, and Gore looks like the best option they have with CEH out.

Keep in mind, NOBODY will replace Derrick Henry’s output. So don’t think you can find that, because whoever you get will disappoint.

Thanks a lot for all the information . You are right about all the stuff u mentioned . Yes i was not able to get AP . But I have hope that Henry will be back for playoffs and with Brady, Diggs, Kelce, Hopkins : i can make it to the playoffs

Thanks to you Im gonna take a flier in D Gore and see what happens . Anyways Freeman is not gonna win me much and Im in a standard league so he is just a guy who is TD Dependent . So lets hope Gore gets more chances and he helps out

Thanks again mate and gl this week

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Same to you sir! GL for the rest of the season!