2 man Keeper league Help

12 man PPR
1 QB 2 RB 2 WR 1 TE 1 FLEX 1 DST 1K

I can keep 2 players. I loose a draft pick for each guy.
I pick 11th, snake draft.
I need to pick two out of these three guys:

D’andre Swift
(loose round 3, pick # 35)
Cam Akers
(loose round 14, pick #158)
Mark Andrews
(loose round 6, pick #62)

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You have very good value in Swift and Andrews. Akers would be if not for the two with Star Power.

Welcome aboard!

I like Swift and Andrews as well.

Round 6 is too early for a TE.

Since it’s a PPR league and you’re drafting late in the 1st round, you’re not going to get blue chip RBs in the draft, so you might as well keep the two solid PPR backs you have, and focus on blue chip WRs at picks 11 and 14–something like Adams/Lamb.

Now you have Swift/Akers/Adams/Lamb and you’re only through three rounds of the draft.

The best TE in fantasy football? Wrong again, lawn gnome!

You realize he could still get Adams and Lamb, and then have Swift/Andrews/Adams/Lamb. Pretty formidable lineup, much better than the one with RBBC Akers in it.

Opinions vary, and mine is the opinion of Axe Elf.

Game over.

(In your scenario, he no longer has his sixth-round pick.)

Swift and Akers make the most sense to me. You’re getting good value on the keeper side plus nice flexibility in your draft can go WR heavy but if a RB drops you’re not so locked into Akers being a core starter being pick 158.

Getting a top TE for a 6th round pick is a good investment.

Nonsense. Getting a top TE for a pick in the double-digit rounds–that’s a good investment.

But that’s not even the point.

You can argue whether Swift/Akers/Adams/Lamb is worse than Swift/Andrews/Adams/Lamb–but you can’t really argue that Swift/Akers/Adams/Lamb and a 6th round pick is worse than Swift/Andrews/Adams/Lamb.

In what dream world does this happen?

Do I need to remind you Akers has played in 14 games over 2 seasons, and only 1 game last season? Andrews played all 17 games last year. I’ll take the TE who actually plays in football games, instead of the RB who plays in doctor shows.

I hope that 6th round pick is worth the goose egg that comes with it…

I try to remain rooted in reality, where it happens every time someone selects Zach Ertz or Cole Kmet.

Ertz and Kmet are comparable to Andrews and Kelce and Pitts? Wow! Alert the fantasy gods!

Axel, you really need to lay off the bong, if this is your reality…

Alert them? One of them just alerted you!


I know Ed’s a McGoner, but for those who might be open to instruction who are curious why I would list Ertz and Kmet among the “top TEs”:

In 2021, Zach Ertz was traded to Arizona in the middle of the season, and while trying to learn the playbook on the fly, played in 11 games for the Cardinals. In those 11 games, he was among the top 4 in the NFL among TEs in targets per game, red zone targets per game, and receptions per game, and most importantly, he was the 4th-best TE in fantasy points per game.

Christian Kirk is now in Jacksonville, Chase Edmonds is in Miami, and DeAndre Hopkins is suspended for 6 games. So for the first six games there will be 16 vacated targets per game, and after that, 10 vacated targets per game.

Cole Kmet was top 12 in targets (93), receptions (60) and receiving yards (612) among TEs–but had no TDs. Jimmy Graham, Jesse James, and Jesper Horstad had 6 receiving TDs for the Bears on an additional 34 targets. Jimmy Graham, Jesse James, and Jesper Horstad are no longer with the Bears. Give Kmet those TDs and he finishes TE5, just ahead of Zach Ertz and Kyle Pitts.

So yeah, Ertz and Kmet are comparable to Pitts and the other top 4 TEs; they just won’t cost you a premium draft pick.

Now kids, what the Elf is failing to address is the 800 pound gorilla in the room: If Ertz was so great, why was he traded? On top of that, if Ertz was so great, why did the Cardinals draft the top TE prospect in the draft? The truth is, Ertz took advantage of a an offensive machine to rack up numbers, but he failed to impress the coaching staff. His days are numbered.

Comparing WR targets to TE targets isn’t really a useful exercise. So will Edmonds’ 4 targets per game go to Ertz, or another RB? We’ll see.

In the Bears train wreck of an offense? I wouldn’t be laying money on those TD’s repeating. While Matt Nagy is gone, you still have the wretched Bears front office that drafted Velus Jones. Why aren’t you touting him, Elfie?

By the way, Kmet was 21st TE overall in fantasy. As for TD’s from 3 different players, who’s to say Velus Jones doesn’t come in and vulture those TD’s? Darnell Mooney? One of the RB’s? Maybe Byron Pringle?

Let me put a bow on this one: You’re wrong Elfie. Ertz, while he did rank 5th among TE’s (with 180 points), was miles behind Andrews (301 points) and Kelce (262 points). As for being above Pitts, bravo, but Pitts had one of the best rookie TE seasons in quite some time. Ertz’s rookie season, back in 2013, he finished 23rd in PPR. Also, Ertz is 31. While not the end of the line for TE’s, his best days are behind him.

Look, I’m not saying Ertz and Kmet are bad TE’s. They make good bye week substitutes, or even good desperation picks if you missed out on the elite TE’s. But to target them as elite TE replacements? No. You’re dreaming now. Kmet might have some potential, but not in Chicago.

Appreciate you answering your own questions; saves me some time!

Probably around 500 of them left in the NFL, given the time it takes a rookie TE to get up to NFL speed and Ertz’ age.

Because this is a discussion about TEs, and because I only tout players who are fantasy relevant.

Axe Elf.

In other words, your arguments are based on your ego, and nothing in reality. Got it!

We may have to change your name to Dr. Doom. You have his ego. You already refer to yourself in the third person.

If you think my ego isn’t real, you have another think coming.