First Overall Pick in a Keeper League - 1 pt PPR format

Do I go with? I expect the following available - McCaffery, Ekler, Dalvin Cook, Derrick Henry, Davante Adams (only top WR that would be available). FYI - 1 QB league, my Keepers will be Steph Diggs and Derek Carr.

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Ask 5 people, and you will get 6 different answers here.

CMC - his ceiling is overall RB1, his bottom is another season he’ll spend mostly on IR. He’s played only 8 full games in the last 2 years. The bright side is, he never injured the same part of his body twice, and none of the injuries was super serious.

Ekeler, Cook and Henry all don’t get any younger. All of them can finish top 5, if they stay healthy. For Cook, it’s worth mentioning that he never played a full season in his career, and the missed games often came towards the end of the fantasy season.

Adams will have more competition for targets, but he’ll still be a top 10 WR. He’s the safest of the 5 options.

Pick the player you are most comfortable with. Best advice I can give you here.

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Ignoring Adams, who I am biased in favor of (and would be a perfect match for Carr), I would look towards Cook. With the Vikings moving towards more of a pass-based offense, he might last a little longer this year.