Packing it in. Can I get a 1st round pick for Aaron Jones?

Thinking of offering Jones for Kenneth Gainwell and a late 1st rookie pick. My other RB’s are CEH, Michael Carter, Miles Sanders, Jordon Howard and Melvin Gordon. At 26, and with AJ Dillon nipping at his heals, I feel like Jones is nearing the end. Saying that, I think it is setting up for him to be a valuable payoff player this season.

You have no shot at the playoffs? If you do, then keep Jones and try to trade him away during the offseason.

He may be even more valuable then, than he is right now. Being injured and having a BYE coming up - nobody will want to pay full price.

If you don’t have a shot at the playoffs, you can try to sell him to a contender who could need help at RB. But don’t sell him off too cheaply. I agree that the time has come to trade him away, but it’s not an emergency sale yet.

A solid first rounder is a must, plus a better prospect than Gainwell, who seems to hold little to no trade value at the moment. Rhamondre Stevenson looks a lot better.

For Rhamondre Stevenson, you may have to lower your demand for a pick, perhaps something closer to a 2nd or even 3rd round pick. At this point, Stevenson would be worth a 1st round pick, IMO.

In most leagues, you have at least one owner who’ll overpay for a big name.

Stevenson had 1 big game, and now he’s stuck in an RBBC that renders both him and Harris unstartable (and as an owner who has both players, I can only say: thank you :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: )

Would I trade away Stevenson for less than 1st round pick? Certainly not.

Would I ask for a strong pick on top of Stevenson, if I was about to trade Aaron Jones away? You bet I would. Jones is a proven asset and has been an RB1 for years. Stevenson is a talent in a team that’s not exactly known to produce fantasy RB1s, and has another really good RB next to him who’s also only in his 3rd season, 1st as a starter, and still has a lot of tread on his tires.


Well, I put in the offer and it got quickly rejected. This by a team who’s best running back is James Robinson and is going to the playoffs. So I’m going to say very low interest in Aaron Jones right now.