JT and pollard for adams

Considering dumping JT and pollard for adams, I’m in a 6 man league (make fun of me lol) my team is mahomes, Henry, JT, Kamara, Stevenson, Jefferson, aj brown, Godwin, mike will and mark andrews. So if I made that trade I would be fine at the rb position and my wr would be the infinity guantlet but I’m still hesitant because JT is ascending back into his last years form. What do you guys think? (Full ppr)

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I think you need a new league but, a fair deal.

When you say “dumping”, are you talking about a trade?

Not sure what your starting roster consists of (how many flex positions?), but if you can start Jefferson, Adams, and Brown, that would be an awfully sweet deal.

The Raiders are clearly intent on feeding the ball to Adams. He will feast most weeks. Considering what he did to Surtain, one of the league’s best CB’s, this past week, it’s hard to imagine a matchup where someone can stop him. Even the 1 point game he had against New Orleans is excused by the fact he had been suffering from the flu the previous week. With Cooper Kupp out for the year, is there a better WR out there?

Yes, JT and Pollard are a hefty price, but it makes your starting lineup pretty brutal. I might try and keep Pollard, because you really have no depth at RB after Kamara and Stevenson, unless there’s somebody you can pull off waivers?

Thanks for the response! I have one flex spot so I am able to start all 3 wide receivers, and I also made a small trade for najee just to add another decent bench piece, losing JT sucks but I already have Henry and Kamara (Kamara isn’t as good but still a pretty viable option most weeks) Stevenson could also pretty easily start for me if I really wanted to.

Lol yeah, this league has star players getting tossed around, I might try and join a bigger and more strategic league next year, thanks for the response though I appreciate it!

And when you said JT and pollard are a hefty price but it makes my starting lineup pretty brutal, is that a good thing or bad?

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I meant brutal in a good way for you. You’ll have 3 of the top WR’s in the NFL. In a PPR league, that’s awesome!

Kael, I will be looking for a few good people next season as we expand. See ya,