AJ Dillon vs. Pollard/Mattison

I own Pollard and Mattison and the owner of Cook and Zeke has AJ Dillon. Would you trade pollard and Mattison for Dillon?

Pollard and Mattison are great but only if an injury occurs whereas Dillon may have standalone value and injury upside.

Also a salary cap league, pollard and Mattison combine for 1.66MM/yr the next 2 years and Dillon is 1.3MM/yr for 3 years.

Trading 2 second string RB’s for one? That sounds like a bad deal, unless you are certain Dillon is awesomeness. All three of these are a gamble.

Hold both. If one of his starting RBs goes down? THEN is the time to offer one of them up for a great increase in value. Those are valuable handcuffs you’ve done a good job in securing. Don’t sell for less than you’ll likely get in season following potential injury (not that I’d want for either to get injured). Hold.

Yeah it would be Dillon plus draft capital but agreed.

I think Dillon’s value really took a hit obviously with Aaron Jones signing on for two more years. If it was before Jones’ signing, I might’ve taken a gamble got Dillon, but not at the current situation. Hope that helps. :facepunch: