Number 10 pick in snake draft

So I have the number 10 pick in all 3 of my drafts… My first question that I didn’t submit was whether (if possible) drafting Hill and Kelce back to back in a snake draft was stupid… My first draft just happened and that wasn’t a pissibility, but Hill 10 and Mahomes 34 was… I am completely anti-qauterback early but Mahomes at 34 seemed to good to be true… I also feel like it is important that I add that I got Barkley at 15… I also absolutely hate this but thought the value was unbelievable in a PPR league… just looking for thoughts… or more like reassurance lol…

Drafting Hill and Kelce back to back would be great at the 5/6 turn, but at the 1/2 turn, yes, it would be stupid.

Pretty much any time you take a TE before the 8th round or so, it’s stupid. (You know, unless Kelce drops to the 6th or something.)

The Mahomes/Hill strategy, on the other hand, is pretty damned appealing, if you think you can pull it off. Barkley in between the two would be fine, but if he’s gone, I’d be almost as happy with Najee.

Usually yes, QB early is almost as bad as TE early… but I’m willing to make an exception this year for Mahomes. I mean, he was pretty good BEFORE they went out and built an iron wall around his pocket… Now, well, let’s just say records will be set.

And Hill will be a part of them. The 2021 Mahomes-Hill stack may go down as one of the greatest fantasy football moneymakers of all time, so hey, if you can go Hill/Barkley/Mahomes or Hill/Harris/Mahomes in a 12 team league, I would tip my hat to you.

And then don’t go screwing it up after that!