League #3 10-man PPR 1st pick

I haven’t really picked 1st overall that much since getting serious($$$) in FF. So I was someone nervous but ready for the back end picks of rounds 2-3. It was so fun watching the draft pan out. I told my self I was taking Mahomes if he last to round 3 then stacking WR’s and RB’s. I started feeling nervous about getting some WR depth since everyone was scooping RB’s when I picked my first 2 WR’s the when the 8-9th round hit and 1Kicker 2DEF(8th) then 3Kicker 2DEF(9th) I felt the wheels start turning and I told my myself TE is waiting till the back end this year. Ill just treat it like a kicker or Def and play it of the waivers if it doesn’t pan out. Apart from the TE/K/DEF(I’m not to worried since these can be played weekly) I feel the depth is there. Most the bench is players I’m rolling on breaking out or taking the helm. I’f I had to rate it I would say a C+ maybe B- just because the WR’s and TE.

QB Patrick Mahomes II (3.1)
RB Christian McCaffrey(1.1)
RB Clyde Edwards-Helaire (2.10)
WR Amari Cooper (5.1)
WR Robert Woods (4.10)
TE Tyler Higbee (12.10)
FLX Brandon Aiyuk (7.1)
K Jason Sanders (19.1)
DST Cleveland Browns (18.10)
BN Kareem Hunt (8.10)
BN Myles Gaskin (6.10)
BN Ronald Jones II (13.1)
BN Corey Davis (10.10)
BN Michael Carter (9.1)
BN Marquez Callaway (11.1)
BN Matt Ryan (17.1)
BN Jakobi Meyers (14.10)
BN A St. Brown (15.1)
BN Blake Jarwin (16.10)

Pretty much nailed it. Probly could have done better than CEH at RB2 (heck, take Mahomes there if you want him, and then Chris Carter in the 3rd) and probly better than Amari Cooper at 5.1 too, but then I look at the world through Lamb-colored glasses this season, so you’ll excuse me for preferring maybe Diontae or Lockett there. But these are small quibbles.

I like the (first) TE you grabbed, and you have solid depth top to bottom. Swap out the Browns D for the Cardinals and you’ll have a strong contender.


If Chris Carter still played I would take him in the 1st. Carson was taken in the second just before my turn or I would have snagged him. Lockett was on my radar but he was taken too. I figured the QB change might give Higbee a huge boost I’m hoping. Jarwin is temporary on my roster since I wanna see how he does a full season with Dak. I’m not to worried I imagine somebody on my bench will take off at some point.

I don’t think Chris Carter has ever played.

Closest I remember is a Cris Carter who used to play WR for the Vikings…

I only found 2 an DB and a OLB both inactive…Hey, I drafted one in the 8th so I might as well just Send IT!