Latest Draft Trends

’ve been seeing a bit of a trend of late in the top QBs (Hurts, Mahomes & Allen) being drafted late first or 2nd round in mocks and analysts projections.

Burrows is around the 3rd with Jackson, Herbert, Fields and Lawrence at 5.
I have also seen Richardson going 5th- 6th.

Each league is different but this is something new overall.
I still believe the 5th is where to get the best QB value while getting a top 8.

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TEs appear to be losing some interest. Kelce is mostly a 2nd-3rd rounder as he loses some fans as he fights Father Time. Andrews has lost his hype and is maybe 3rd or 4th.

Rookies Kincaid, La Porta and Mayer are good later picks for dyhasty and some keeper leagues.

The rest is 6 or 7, which is where I see the best value.

I typically won’t take a QB in the first two rounds. I know, I did it in that mock we had here, but that was more to show what will likely happen in a draft, rather than what I would personally do.

I see the 5th or 6th round as the ideal spot to take your first QB. By then, you should have 2 RB’s, and at least 1 WR and a WR or top TE.

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The draft dictates what you do bu t a solid guideline is a big help. I can’t say never will but have always looked QB 5-6 with TE 6-7. The top 4 most always have to be RB and WRs with 2 of each perfect but at least one of each is at all possible.

I have also notices a number of managers/leagues going D in round 8. I do not agree but if you have a top D and no player you want, why not? On the other side as recent as last year I did not even draft a D or K as I saw too many better choices and filled the need off waivers.

For me, you can add a player on IR or make a quick trade for a pick next year. It is a good thing to look for every edge you can get.

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I have two drafts in late August. When you reach late August, you almost have to use your last two rounds for D and K. With earlier drafts, you have the luxury of spending all your draft capital on primary positions, and then waiting to see if you get any injuries in preseason, or even your drafted players being cut.

Last year we drafted on 9/07, the Sunday before opening day. I did not draft a D or K, with my last 2 picks Zack Ertz and Trelon Burks.

I was unable to make a trade. However, in a helter skelter, whirl wind of 12 waiver moves over 5-6 days, I ended up with the Rams (a good D), the K from Zona and streamed the year which worked.

I was also able to late cut Ertz and Burks, bringing them back with Cousins and Cook going and lost. Ertz ended up my starter for 10 games and played well, Burks was the big part in my trade for a 2024 #1 pick and I also added Jameson to stash on IR. He made my trade for a first this year and now I got him back due to his suspension. Not too bad.