Kelce/Hill pairing

8 player full PPR league, choosing 8th.

How do you feel about taking Hill and Kelce with the 1.08/2.01?

Figure that in any given week at least one of them will have a v good game. Also if one of them gets injured then the other sees a pretty natural increased target share.

Main problem I could see was Mahomes injury risk.

Honestly, I love both Hill and Kelce, but I’d start by grabbing two top RBs. Then think about going WR or TE (Kelce/Kittle/Waller) in the following rounds. As for having two elite players at different positions on the same team? I think it’s perfectly fine. Hope that helps.

Thanks, that’s a very fair point! I was thinking about how to approach the last spot, given that the top tier of RBs will likely be gone by the time it gets to me, and what positions to attack in that case.

Was just testing out an alternative to taking Aaron Jones/Nick Chubb followed by Kelce which is my current default.

Simple question: If you had Jones/Chubb, and someone offered you Kelce/Hill for them, would you take the trade? Whatever your answer is, is also the answer to what you should do. Always go with value.

There is a third alternative too: Take Kelce or Hill AND Jones or Chubb. Kelce paired with an RB isn’t a bad selection there.

Thanks, that’s a good way to think about it. Given my league tends to take QBs quite early and I’d be able to get Akers or Gibson (or better!) as my RB1 in the third I’d take Hill and Kelce there I think.

Just my two cents, but I like the idea of Jones/Kelce and then add Gibson to that. I always prefer getting decent mid-round WR’s and playing matchups with them during the season. But that’s my coaching style.