Drafting D's and K's

Something to consider while the season is fresh in everyone’s mind.

I did not draft a K or a D. I streamed match ups for the first half or so and then ended up with a top K in Butkar and two top D’s in Dallas and Balt. This has been pretty much the same for some time.

I don’t understand why some draft a K or D in the 8th round, etc.

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The only reason I drafted them earlier in our draft was because the auto-drafter took them. I would never do that intentionally. It’s a lesson in creating a draft list.

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Same goes in large part for QBs and TEs.

I’ve seen some people draft them in the first five rounds!

Taking Jalen Hurts in the 5th and 6th rounds has paid off nicely for me, as I made it to the playoffs everywhere I had him.

'Lil Elfie, SMH, dead wrong. Kelce, Andrews, Josh Allen not worth more than a 6th? Nonsense. The 5th and 6th rounds are the best place overall to get a QB and TE. Every expert on every credible site would and has agreed with this.

And that’s all that most fantasy football enthusiasts have to go on.

You, on the other hand, are Axe Elf’s chosen people, and thus you get the good stuff.

Everyone is entitled to an opinion, no matter how wrong it can be.

I believe that former NFL GM’s, coaches and players (some in the HOF) forgot more on drafting than 'lil Grinchy Elfie will ever know. :slight_smile:

The dilemma will ultimately be resolved once you take off the training wheels and graduate to auction drafts. Then you can take all the QBs and TEs you want in the first round, and not cripple your team the way you would in a snake draft.