Who start this week

Well I hate rolling waivers . I could not pick Friermuth or T lawerence . I feel so bad already .

So Will have start Bridgewater .

pitts is hurt and that means I gotta drop G wilson to pick either Tonyan, logan thomas or J Johnson . Who should i pick
Drop G wilson or C Samuel or D moore . D Moore is going turn it around as QB change is coming or a trade . Doubs is not droppable for sure . So what i do

Need start one RB and flex in half PPR

Dillion, Stevenson, Doubs, D Moore, C samuel G wilson who I will have drop looks like :frowning:

So which two I start ?

Thanks so much and good luck

Might as well just drop Pitts; he’s sucking anyway–or add him on to a 2-1 trade deal if you want to get something for him AND open up a slot for your new TE.

Is Tyler Conklin available?

Not that it matters much, this looks like a week that you’ll just eat the loss.

Damn 3-1 and swift, Pitt’s and Prescott injured so def taking a loss unless i play it right with my RB 2 and flex . Well will drop Pitts or try for a trade 2 for one . If any takers .

So who i play as my RB 2 and flex in half PPR :

Options : samuel, dillon, stevenson, D Moore, Doubs

D Moore has been a major disappointment and waiting for a QB change or trade makes no sense. Pitts has a ton of talent and will likely go off soon.

I would drop Moore and if you like him that much bid for him on waivers as no one can play him this week with the late drop.