Need help with keepers

The past 3 years the league I have been in has been a dynasty league, the commissioner change the league to a 5 person keeper this year, which 5 should I keep? Mahomes, Kamara, Elliot, Taylor, Diggs, Jefferson

Despite him being the youngest of the RBs, I would exclude Taylor. There’s no way he returns better than RB2 performance this season, so you’d only play him in Kamara’s and Elliott’s bye weeks anyway.

You’d have the top QB, two top 5 RBs, and two top 10 WRs; that’s probably a pretty good start.


I second what AxeElf said.

With that lineup, I suppose you were the reason the others didn’t want to play dynasty anymore. :sweat_smile:

But yeah, Taylor’s the odd man out here.

OK, CBS 12 team full point ppr, I have three options for one keeper spot. I am drafting in Spot 10. Gibson with a 2nd round grade, K. Murray with a 5th round and Higgins with a 9th round. I love Gibson and was confident he would drop to me in the second round but no longer. Still 60/40 that he will. I was going to keep Higgins as best value but thinking just choose Gibson so I know I am locked in. Thoughts?

Why all the love for Gibson? If you’re drafting 10th of 12, that means you’ll also have pick #15. Just keep Higgins and draft the best two available RBs in the first two rounds–they will likely both be better than Gibson. The guy was a WR in college; I can’t imagine him standing up to the kind of volume they’ve been giving him in preseason anyway. They’re either going to have to involve their other capable backs (Barber, McKissick, Patterson) more than Gibson’s owners would like–or he’s going to be on IR by mid-season.

I have to respectfully disagree with AxeElf here. I like Gibson, and I think he has some top 5 upside, so drafting him in the second round is a good value.

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Appreciate your response and opinion, I lot of reason’s to love Gibson, he will be the bell cow, he is the goal-line guy, reports they want to increase the workload to a more CC level. Durability is an issue as is his tendency to fumble. I just think the WFT O will be scoring at a higher level and with a better QB, defenses will not stack the line as much. GO GIBSON!! :grinning:

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What is it that leads you to this conclusion? Is it their new 40 year old journeyman QB who will be starting for his ninth different team this season? Maybe the WR converted to RB in the backfield?

If Washington knows what they’re doing, they’ll try to win with defense and a strong committee backfield to control the ball on offense, not try to get into shootouts with competent NFL teams.

That’s easy Trey Lance

Compared to the also-ran QB’s they had last year? Definitely.

We saw what Fitzpatrick did with Miami last year. He is no slouch QB. No, he’s not Brady or Rodgers, but he’s not bad either.

By the way, strong running game and defense was how the Ravens won the Super Bowl about 20 years ago. Nothing wrong with that strategy.

That’s why I suggested it would be a legitimate approach for Washington–as opposed to “scoring at a higher level.”

I’m in keeper league get to keep 3. Full PPR I have Mahomes, Taylor, Diggs, Hopkins. Who do I keep?

Also in 14 man PPR keeper league…Should I keep gus edwards in the 8th rnd or Hockenson in the 9th?

You have the best QB in the league and two top 5 WRs. I think I’d throw the RB2 back into the pond.