Need help to decide Keeper dilemna

I wrote last week but have officially changed from draft slot #14 to #4 in a 14 team PPR 1 Keeper league. My issue now is WHO to keep. Here are 3 very appealing options. Give me your pick and reasoning please.
Kelce- 2nd round $ tag
Waddle- 7th round $ tag
Amon Ra- 8th round $ tag
I’m personally still leaning Amon Ra as knowing my WR1 is set for such a low cost is so appealing. That being said Kelce for what equates to the 25th OVR pick seems like a no brainer as the TE drop-off after him is massive.

If it’s a year to year keeper I would keep Kelce.

Short term, Kelce. Long term actual keeper- Waddle or St Brown, depending your view on Jameson coming.

Sounds like you’ve already passed on the chance to draft CMC with pick #1.14, so you’re clearly not trying to win this year.

Thanks for your optimism! Much like you Derick Henry or nobody logic all last draft season. :slight_smile: I WON my league with CMC last an 1.01.

Yeah it’s only a 1 year keeper limit with floating keeper price tags if traded. The value of one of those WR’s with my 7th or 8th rounder is fantastic though. I pick 1.04 and 3-5 players I expect to be available are CMC, Ekeler, Chase, Kelce and Pollard. I could just draft Kelce 4th, keep one of the stud WR’s and keep it moving. Our keeper deadlines are a week before the draft so I’ll know more by then.

Complicated Kiddie Keepers is funny.

English as a second language?

Also my point remains! Last year during my 1.01 questions you were steadfast on Henry and saying CMC was an injury waiting to happen. Well you sure ate crow on that one pal!!

Yeah I’ve pushed for a more genuine Keeper league but my leaguemates all seem to enjoy the single keeper. Oh well.

Did I? Because of the 1.6 more points that the injury waiting to happen scored over my ironman?

If that’s eating crow, I’ll have another helping, please…

I have 8 and 10 keeper leagues. If anyone leaves I will need someone. If interested, message me.