Keepers Advice this year - Need 4

I’m in a 10 team half point ppr league in which I have to keep 4 guys (none less), I keep extra costs more but not worth doing so. I need to send them in by Thursday. I have Ekeler as a lock, but need 3 more and it’s a toss up with players who are solid but not great value ADP wise. Here is my list: Tee Higgins, Waddle, Montgomery, Lamar, McLaurin, Diontae Johnson, C. Patterson. Out of that group which 3 would you all keep? Thanks!

You say they’re not great values, but you don’t list what each of them would cost you–are they your first four picks in the draft, or do they come with individual round/pick prices?

I mean you could make a case for keeping all of them in various scenarios. In a 12 team league, I’d probably be happy keeping all of them for my first 8 picks, if that was an option. In a 10 teamer, it’s a little fuzzier, because you’d have a lot of 3rd-4th round players, but no real 2nd round value there–maybe Higgins.

And if their cost is lower, so much the better.

Higgins and Waddle as two very young WR 2"s and cost “should not” matter.
Last one depends on cost and projected need.

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It’s a 10 team league and yes it’s first four picks pretty much so it’s dicey, and yeah that’s where I’m at because I have mostly 3rd/4th roudners but I have to keep 4 I can’t keep less (dumb rule), so it’s half dynasty.

I was thinking about them both but then the fourth is probably a toss up between Lamar and Terry. Thanks!

I mean if you have to keep 4, I think you keep them all.

Round 1 - Ekeler - ADP 3.52
Round 2 - Montgomery - 30.46
Round 3 - Higgins - ADP 36.64
Round 4 - McLaurin - ADP 47.81
Round 5 - Diontae - ADP 49.37
Round 6 - Waddle - ADP 54.05
Round 7 - Lamar - ADP 57.30
Round 8 - Patterson - ADP 73.00

You don’t really start gaining any value until Diontae in Round 5–and if you only keep 4, you’re actually LOSING value. Since you can’t do anything about the lost value in the first 4 rounds, you might as well keep them all and take advantage of the later round values (unless of course you just don’t LIKE those players, or think you can score some greater upsides with those picks instead).

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For me the safest last option would be Montgomery who also balances out your two young studs at WR.

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This would make sense as remember all the other keepers will be gone dropping the value from a 5th to a 7th or 8th rounder

Thank you! Much appreciated